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Anyone ski Turner Mt., MT?

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Wondering if anyone has skied this local MT mountain near Big Mt and Libby, MT?

With 2000'+ vert., cheap tickets, mostly advanced terrain and off-- it looks interesting....
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I have not skied there but have driven by. A friend grew up there and learned to ski there. It started out as volunter hill with not grooming and a rope tow. I do not expect it would be an epic mountain, but definitely a step back in time. Libby is an old mining and logging town, it was really hit hard in the 80's and 90's so has been a depressed area. Also it says it is about 90 miles from Whitefish, but this will be (depending on the weather) a long 90 miles. Would be fun! Expect a report if you go.
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I know they just opened this past week. I will ask around about the place. It's got a reputation as an expert's mountain. One interesting thing I heard is you can "rent" the whole mountain for a company party for a day. They are NOT open all week.

I'd skip Blacktail, the third mountain in the area. I skied there the end of last season and basically the access road is so long that if you are based in Whitefish, it'd be just as fast to drive to Fernie.
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