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Val Gardena SG SPOILER

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Looks like a New Bode this season
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Once again, He is an Overall World Cup Globe winner already. Not a new Bode, just fast. Maybe the USST should keep him around.
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Maybe it's the Head skis. I thought you had to be on Atomic skis to win speed events? And I thought Head skis were junk. hmmm....Only weeks into the season and already a Downhill and SG victory. Maybe it's not the skis and it is the pilot. Maybe Atomic is like the NY Yankees-amass the most high priced talent to make it look like you are better than the rest.
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Typically, Bode tends to start the season strong. it seems the strain of racing all events wears him down as the season progresses. Hopefully he can continue winning speed events and also some GS. I'd like to see him finish a few slaloms too.

Kudos to Canadian Kucera, placing third and taking the lead in the SG standings, after winning at Lake Louise.
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Wow, to say that I would have never expected such results from young Kucera is an understatement. He skis with heart and passion and seems to be an allaround great guy (like Ligety).

My money was on Erik this year, but he seems very, very off. Probable his knee has bothered him more than I tought during summer training.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Typically, Bode tends to start the season strong. it seems the strain of racing all events wears him down as the season progresses.
Yup - and it's something that Bode is keeping in mind this year. That's why he's working closely with a nutritionist and a conditioning coach during the season, trying to keep his body in top shape given the hectic schedule of a racer who competes in all events.

Bode's already putting the conditioning guy to good use, having him monitor sleep patterns in the team hotels versus the motor home (thus far: motor home brings better sleep by about 2 hours per night). And Bode is looking much more trim and fit this year, so we'll see what it brings about.
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I just saw the run on TV. It was a masterpiece, in fact Bode called it his best run of the year, training or racing. The time gap to second place was as big as the gap between second and 13th place. He just laid down these smooth relaxed turns, while guys like Herman Maier. looked to be fighting all the way.
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There is so much wild terrain on that Val Gardena pitch and it looked like whoever set the SG made it pretty brutal. Bode's run was top notch and reminded me of his winning SG run two seasons ago at the world championships in Bormio although the Bormio course wasn't as wild. When you see Bode execute a run like that you don't even have to look at the clock to know he's going to win. From the 15 or so runs I watched it seemed like everybody else was really thrown around by that course in multiple places.
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Did anyone catch where Maier DSQ'd? I watched it on CBC, and again on a couple times, and couldn't see it. I figure it must have been right when they do a camera change, because I haven't been able to pick it out (or maybe I'm just blind?).
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I couldn't see it, and wondered if it was something like inspecting the course too long, stack height of the bindings, wearing the wrong suit or any of the other stupid reasons the FIS comes up with from time to time.
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That's what I figured, but from a poor google translation of an article on, it sounds like he missed a red somewhere along the way, still can't see it though.
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According to the Official Results, he missed gate 35. 43/41 (gates/direction changes) were set.

After watching the run several times I can't see the fault either.
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Maier's miss

I had to look at the video several times, until I figured it out. Maier goes over a rise near the end of the run and simply skis on the wrong side of a red gate panel, about 1:38 in. (I think it was 1:38 into his run, but it might have been 1:38 into the video of his run.) You can see he's upset with himself in the finish area at the end of the video.
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I watched the CBC recording one more time today and I believe that it was at the red gate when Maier was 1:17.50 into his run. Hard to see, but if you look at the blue dye line you will see the him passing the panel on the skiers left and the blue line curving slightly to the left. Looks to me he was about a meter off line.
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