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Atomic kids skis further set back

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I am very particular about my gear and love trying new stuff. My 7 year old is starting his 5th year skiing and is pretty comfy on Black Diamond runs and playing in half pipes. Whenever I go to buy him gear I get the same old story that all the kids gear is basically the same. This year my Son really wanted some Atomics because....I don't know why, he likes the name and that is what some other kids have. I bought him a pair of Blue Supoercross in the right length for his height , 110cm.

First off, I have always noted that Atomics are softer than corresponding Rossignol/Dynastar kids skis. Now that I have them home, I noticed that the boot centerline is much more rear biased than the Rossi's. Since my kid likes to ski backwards a lot, I don't think they will be as well suited. Does anyone know what kid's ski works best for someone who is quite experienced for his age? He is also entering his second year in race squad.
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My son just turned 7 in August. This will be his 5th year as well. Two years ago I bought him some Atomic sx-7 at an end of the season clearance. He skied on them all last year and really loved them. He can go about anywhere I can go except I don't take him on anything really steep. I haven't seen many other kids on the atomic at his ski school classes.
They are pretty narrow (97-64-85, 9 radius), so he can carve great, but he's a kid so he floats in powder great too. Great kids ski, imo.

Last year I found some Rossi Bandit jr at the end of the year. They are billed as a more advanced kids ski. They are a little long for him right now, so I haven't mounted them up yet. He is still on the atomics. Maybe later in the season he will give them a try.

The rossi bandits have a little bit of an upturned tail.

I haven't noticed my son having any problem skiing backwards on the atomic, but then again he doesn't do it very much.
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How tall is your son? If he is short (say 4' or less) then the selection is very limited. I also assume that you are interested in all mountain skis as your post suggested.

Here are a couple of pages providing a summary on kid's gears (previous late years) that are more than the ordinary entry level products. The site don't have everything but quite a few out of the not many are there.


Now my older daughters have had good luck with Fischer Competition Jr, Volant Machete jr., Elan RCX and Head Mojo 65 Jr.

Also, I do have a Volkl V and a Volant Machete jr that I'm selling. Let me know if you're interested.
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