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Just had the local shop mount my Look Lifters on my new 166cm 1080 Foils. I don't ski the park much and told them to mount them for all mountain. My request passed through so many hands for 4 weeks that I'm guessing the tech finally just mounted them at whatever the recommended is for the Foil I'm sure.

I'm used to sking Atomic M9's and really love the way these ski - but wanted some lighter twins. The skis are about the same size and when held side to side the toe on my Foils are about 3.5 inches forward of where my Atomics are mounted.

I need som Ed-ju-caytion here.. When you all say center mount for the park do you actually mean " center of the boot literally at the center of the ski"? Or something else? Doing some better research now I wish I could have told them to mount them about 3cm behind recommended (which seems to be everyone's preference for all mountain). Anyway to tell where mine are compared to the recommended? And if I'm at the recommended - will I hate them as I sumersalt through the powder and moguls with my puny tips and huge tails? Or could I get used to them and learn to luv'em.