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Volkl Racetiger gs ski

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I purchased a pair of Racetiger gs skis that are predrilled for marker plates. This might be a stupid question but do you have to put plates on them? Could you just put the bindings on them or would it hinder the performance to much? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I'd put plates. Having a plate, any plate, allows the ski to flex more naturally under the boot, resulting in better carve.
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It ain't just the ski flex...

...plates also raise you up on the ski, which translates into better leverage, which also translates into better carving...
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Plates also cause less drilling directly into the ski if at some point you need to change or replace the bindings.
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The skis are designed to work with plates. They're just plain too soft without them, in addition to giving you the added leverage and natural flex.
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