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Denver or Salt Lake

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I have a buisness trip in January. Whenever I make this trip I always end up transfering in Denver or Salt Lake City. I look out the windows and say next time.....

So this time I am doing it. Last time I brought my boots and tried to do it, but damn expedia does not let you alter your trip once you are on it.

I would like to get off a plane, put on all my ski gear, throw my boots over my shoulder, stow / locker all my luggage (one bag plus carry on) and hop a shuttle or taxi to a close hill for the day.

I will try to organize the trip so I get off a plane early morning and re-board in the evening to my destination. I will also try to do this on my return trip as well but would like to ski two different places.

I do not plan to bring my skis only everthing else. Doesn't seem worth the hassel for two seperated days of skiing.

Where is the better place to do this? Denver or Salt Lake, other? I have this crazy fetish to ski Alta. is it possible?

How much time do I need to get from airport to hill, hill to airport. Cost of this expected?
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I'm guessing you're booking a 12 hour layover to not pay for a second destination stop. Salt Lake is really the only place where airport to ski area logistics permit doing this. Since time is at a premium I suggest renting a car. Canyon Transport from airport to Alta/Snowbird runs every 20-30 minutes for $64 round trip.

Denver airport is on the opposite side of a much bigger city (that means potential traffic issues) from the mountains, and with the exception oif Loveland you are realistically looking at 2 hours one way drive to any ski area vs. under one hour to 7 areas from SLC airport.
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Alta is definitely possible and is probably the best choice for best skiing and closest to the airport. SLC is the only place i've been where city transit buses can take you to four different resorts. (Alta/Snowbird, Solitude/Brighton). Plus Alta is a super cool/funky kinda place with amazing terrain and lift tickets aren't too expensive, have fun man sounds awesome. Hey this is my 100th post
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Happy 100

I am planning to schedule a long layover, I even willing to arrive SLC late at night and sleep in the airport. Heck has to be more comfy than my trucks driver seat.

city busses sounds fine to me as long as I have the ability to get to the hill before it opens. I hate wasting ski time.

Not sure why I want to go to Alta, I just do for some reason.

Thanks for the insight Jimmy.

If others have more details it would be appreciated.
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This is an easy call...Salt Lake to the ski resorts is measured in minutes, Denver to the ski resorts is measured in hours (each way). Especially during peak season, the drive back to Denver can easily surpass 3 hours. Plus you'll have much better skiing in SLC.
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You really ought to time your stop-over so that you arrive in SLC early morning. You can get a near full-day of skiing in at PCMR, The Canyons, or Deer Valley using the QuickStart program. I prefer Alta and pretty much anywhere in the Cottonwoods or Snowbasin to any of the Park City resorts, but it's hard to beat free skiing.
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Quickest is probably rental car. But don't make a reservation. Just show up and go to the shortest line, the lines can easily be 20 min.'s sometimes. I doubt you'll save that much by prebooking. Luggage comes quick, but carry on would help. If you step off plane at 8am, you can be on the road by 8:30, and at Alta or Snowbird by 9:20-25. No traffic worries. If you are there earlier, Snowbird opens at 9, Alta 9:15, they are right next door to one another. Another thought, Personally I prefer the skiing and "scenery" at Snowbird. There is a combo ticket, but no reason to buy it, because both have Plenty of skiing for the day, however in your case, if you are an expert and want to do it all, why not try to ski all the lifts at both places in a day. It can be done. Their lifts close at 4:30.

Let's say your return flight is at 7:00pm. Best option is to park car and drop off luggage and get ticketed with skycap in middle row, before you drop off rental car. They will probably let you do that. Give security 30 minutes. Be at airport by no later than 5:15, leave resorts at 4:30 sharp, that gives you some leeway.

Forget about buses. The "kids" were fighting to get on the last bus last Saturday and the Snowbird was relatively empty. Not the way to go for a business traveler, that's for locals with time but no money.

Other option is to take Canyon Transportation, but a $30 rental car would probably be cheaper and more convenient and might be the same time. pm me with any questions.

Cab is probably best option, that would probably be a $40 cab ride both ways?? You just hop right in from the curb and have them waiting for you at specific time and drop you right off at skycap valet.
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Thanks for the replies, please keep them comming.

I thought there was a bus program from the airport to make it easy for people to get to and fro the airports to the hills. I am wrong?

I really really don't want to be hassled with driving finding my way, picking up the car, dropping it off etc. Not that I can't find my way easily but it would be so much easier to simply get on a bus that goes there and be done with it, even if it is a $64 round trip.

Likely the car will be the cheapest and easiest route, I don't have to worry about others schedules and no worries about storing luggage.

This is the beginings of my search and research on this and figured the Bears know best.
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i don't think there is a "real" bus from the airport, there is a shuttle company, like canyon transportation, call them. driving there is really quite easy, get on 80 right out of airport then to interstate 215, then follow the signs! you won't get lost. literally just a few turns, all well-marked. less than an hour to parking lot.
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after a bit of research, I have a few more questions

What resort near SLC if you had one day to ski would you go to for some POW, Steeps, good fall line groomers? I don't care for bumps, so the less the better.

What can I expect to pay for one nights accomadation, preferably at the hill of choice? Idea here is to arrive the night before, transport to hill, get a room, sleep, wake up, ski and then back to airport to go to destination.
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Shameless bump as this is far down the list due to lots of activity here.
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You can be from the airport to Alta in under an hour easily. This is the only place you can do this and get a great day of skiing in.
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Rent using Avis Preferred No lines, go straight to your car.
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Or go get your rental car as soon as you get off the plane. Then your gear will be ready when you get to the carousel.
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