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Atomic CS ski boot

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Came home from being out of town for three days and my ebay Atomic CS's arrived . They feel pretty good . However, I would like to have a "tad more height in the toe box. The top of my toes , especially my left foot toes feel like they are rubbing against the top of the shell.

Would a simple fix for providing me a bit more space above my toes, grinding the toe area of the boot board down a bit? If this is the correct fix, what's the best way to grind the plastic boot board down in the toe area. Other than that, I must be an easy fit because they're are no other pressure points.
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Bench mounted belt sander will be best for removing material from the upper surface of the removable boot board. A Dremel or Foredom die grinder with a large ball rasp will work to remove material from the top of the toe box. Be careful with grinding as it doesn't take much to create a vent, which is not covered by warranty.
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Sierrajim heated my boots and used a punch, along with a little grinding to apply more height, and just a bit more length to my left boot (Nordica Hot Rod). I suggest asking for assistance from someone with the tools, and since they didn't make the sale, you should pay for their time and expertise. Grinding a footboard may work, but you could end up with some different ramp angles. Toe box height is a common adjustment and a pro will fix you up better.
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I forgot I had a heat foil backing on my foot beds . I removed that at the toes. Sandpapered the bottom of the footbed at the tip of the toes and sides and used some coarse sandpaper on the boot board where the toe portion of the liner sits. I'm amazed that these very minor adjustments have given me the extra vertical space in the toebox I needed. I can't think I reduced height in all of that more than what would be represented by two pages of paper.

Feels pretty good.
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