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Boot Liners-CO

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I have had some issues with my arches in my boots really hurting only after a few runs. I have had thes boots for about 3 years now and do like them but am worried they are getting worn out.

I have had some initial thought about custom boot liners? Does anyone have any thoughts, good or bad?

Also, does anyone know of any place that does a good job on custom boot liners in Denver or Mnts of CO? Estimated cost??
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I went to Colorado Ski and Golf in Arvada (Wadsworth and 77th) for my 3/4 custom foot beds (I believe I paid $100)... they did a really good job ... ask for Dan or Devin ... they are awesome at boot fitting and won't let you get out of the shop until the boot fits right ... check it out
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I read your post incorrectly ... I was thinking foot beds, not liners ... sorry ... not sure if they do custom liners ... call them
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Search this forum for 'liners' There are tons of ideas.
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