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Skiing with Dracula!

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The Company that I work for is sending me to Brasov, Romania at the end on Jan. to consult on their new manufacturing facility there. I did a search and found out that there is a Ski Resort "Poiana" only 12km down the road. Looks like a great place. My question is: Has anyone skied there? Any info would be awesome. Thanks, TB
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A few years back there was an article in Powder Magazine about skiing in Romania. It was pretty comprehensive. You may be able to check their web site or contact them and get a copy.
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Be sure to take a camera. I've always wondered if Dracula shows up on film.
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Nice contribution, HS. Why don't you take it somewhere else?
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Go around asking the Romanians "Where's Dracula?!"
You'll charm them, I'm sure.

Just the way Rosie O'Donnell has recetly charmed anyone Asian.
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SKI did a piece on skiing in Slovakia back in 2000. They said it was cheap ($10 lift tickets at the time), but bleak.

Still, that's cool you're gonna try out some place that most folks probably won't go to.

Last year I made some turns at the Mid-Lothian Ski Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Billed as "Europe's Longest Artificial Slope" I've since run into many Brits who have never gone there. I wouldn't have gone out of my way to "ski" there, mind you, but like you found myself there on other business (aka "vacation").

Anyway, you know you'll be "required" to supply a full trip report upon your return, right?

As for Dracula, only if they have night skiing, I would imagine.
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It has been a long time since I left Romania (about 15 years) and even longer since I skiied there, but Poiana Brasov is definetly the closest skiing to Brasov. It is really the mountain above Brasov. Two other places within less than an hour drive (or by train) are Predeal and Sinaia. Sinaia has the highest elevation and you would take the telecabin (gondola) to "Cota 2000" (2000 m altitude)
If I were you, I would plan on skiing. I'm sorry, I do not know current conditions or prices etc. Too much time has passed.
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