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Cinch Ski Vice

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Gear Reviews or Tuning Forum? It' s review of tuning gear. I'm guessing here...

I was looking for an inexpensive, durable, good quality vice to hold my family's skis for waxing and hand tuning, and after a brief look decided to give the Cinch Ski Vice a try. This vice comes to you shipped in 5 pieces -- 2 end supports and 3 clamps -- two clamps to secure each end support to your work bench, and the 3rd clamp containing a "lasso" or "cinch" which also clamps to the board below where your binding will be -- the cinch is used to quickly hold down the ski brakes. There's no sense in me going into much detail on that -- you can see several photos here showing how to use the product. Note that they use alternate attachment for securing the end supports to their tuning bench. But the two clamps that come with it (which look almost identical to the lasso clamp, minus the lasso) work just fine if you want to put it on an existing work bench.

I received the vice this past week and find that the concept is surprisingly simple. The tinkerer in me keeps saying, "you could have made that" and for the basic waxing vice I probably could have. But the end supports have a swivel mechanism that allow for support of snowboards, and can easly hold skies on edge via adjustable slots for edge work. The bells and whistles on the end supports remove this vice from the "simple" category for me to make.

I waxed two sets of skis with it this week and it was very easy to use. Solid when scraping. Really nice. I haven't had a chance to fiddle with the end supports to put the skis on edge yet, but I don't anticipate any trouble there, either.

One minor suggestion I'd make is that after the lasso clamp is secured and the brakes retained, tie a knot in the very end of the lasso string. Otherwise, when I released the brake to remove the ski, the lasso string had a tendency to pull completely out of the "gripper hole" that holds it tight in the first place. Not a big deal, but to secure the next ski you will need to rethread the lasso string back into the gripper thingy on the clamp. (You'll understand once you get the product!!)

Overall this is a great vice, at least for a beginner like me who may not know better. I don't see how I can improve on the concept at all, and I'm very happy with the ease with which I can use it, and with how securely it holds the ski. I'm thinking this was a good purchase for me. I ordered mine from Tools4Boards / Slidewright, and took advantage of Alpinord's EpicSki Supporter discount. Check out the discount thread in the Supporter's Lounge for details. They give great service after the order, too!

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Nice review...

You should try it on the Terminator... It fits right into the rail...
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