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Brand new (in wrapper) Atomic Snoop Daddy in 163cm. Flat (no bindings). $550 + shipping.

For whatever it's worth, here's some marketing blurb about the Snoops:
Get off the tram, and get on the Atomic Snoop Daddy Alpine Skis before the wind blows you over. These all-mountain skis have the edge grip to get you over the windblown ice, the width to float you through the pow, and the stability to carve high-speed turns on the groomers. The Atomic Snoop Daddy (128/88/111mm) is a one-ski quiver for big mountain skiers. Atomic built the Snoop Daddy Skis with their lightweight synthetic Beta 4 platform. This dual-channel topsheet keeps the swing weight low for quick turns while offering impressive lateral stiffness so that the Snoop Daddy Ski's won't wash out on hard turns.