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Your last note just made me realize that I'm a ski-enabler!

I'm sitting here in my office, working (OK, sort of) while my wife's skiing all season. What's up with that?

But seriously, you all have also made me realize (again) how lucky I am. My wife and I have been skiing together for 30 years now and all kinds of our life choices have been influenced - and even dictated - by our *mutual* love of skiing.

One of my wife's favorite stories is about her first ski trip. She was in the sorority next to my fraternity at college and we had just met. We were kind of in that tiptoeing-around-the-edges-of-showing-interest-in-each-other stage but hadn't gone on a date. Her boyfriend (!) had gone on a ski trip to Aspen and given her a plane ticket to join him. I had just returned from my third (ever) trip to Colorado and was as totally nuts over skiing as it was possible to be. (I was also wearing a cast from having broken my leg at Steamboat two weeks earlier)

Anyway, I *insisted* that she had to go skiing. I told her it was the greatest sport in the world and she'd love it. She couldn't quite figure out why a guy who she thought might be interested in her was encouraging her to go off on a ski trip with a different guy. (That was probably her first introduction to the rather weird way my mind works.)

So, I drove her to the airport and walked her to the gate with my crutches and cast. It turned out she *did* love skiing. Two weeks later, her boyfriend was history. Eight months later, she and I spent the winter in Aspen as ski bums. We've been skiing together ever since.

So, I guess we fall in that category in which both partners of the relationship are seriously engaged in skiing.

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Great story Bob. :
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Wow what a great story Bob! We should all be so lucky as you and wife. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Bob, do you think would that idea still work?


P.S. Hey Sugar, I really think you should go skiing with Gonzo. Really. It would be a good idea. If you want, I'll take you to the airport. You'll have sooo much fun.
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You know what I really love about skiing with my hot skiing husband? (Sounds like a daytime talk show topic...) I can be totally honest about what run I want to ski. There's none of that hemming and hawing and second guessing that goes on with acquaintances.

I suppose this is true of any long time skiing buddies. But maybe only long time couples are able to call each other when they start to bum out about their skiing, the conditions, etc.

I remember once I was bellyaching about the flat light, the old snow, whatever, and my husband said, "Hey. It's what they're serving."

Uh-huh. Instant attitude adjustment!
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Bob - That's a great technique you used. Way to close the deal!! You are very lucky to share such passion with your wife!

Nolo writes:
"It seems that in a perfect world, the epicski regulars would prefer to have a hot skier (male or female) for their life companion."

This may be the case with unmarried regulars.
Or divorced regulars due to a non-skiing spouse. But I'm sure that there are many more posters out there who what say that it really doesn't matter. I think if you set your sights on finding the perfect mate, you are making it very difficult on yourself.

I also believe that the best relationships just happen, they are not the result of a tireless search for the "perfect match". Let it happen....


Spoken like a skier who married to a non-skier?
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After some serious relationships with women who either did nothing or were not into what I did I dove headfirst into my single life of indulging my fun with bikes and skis. I think it helped me to become a much more centered and happy person post-femme-breakup-traumas of various sorts. I like to believe that being more me, of finding a balanced path to walk (a bit unbalanced at times for variety) I am more capable of having a succesful relationship. Maybe even being more open to meeting the right woman who would fit in. That could all be a bunch of crap but...Or a good Oprah topic. It happened to my older brother who was walking a very unbalanced path, got his head together, went to rural MT to work for the forest service and wound up marrying his first supervisor who is a very good skier and can handle the fact that he puts out forest fires for a living.

Gonzo, I must defend Boulder. What you say is all true...the patchouli comment is funny. But I came here from the midwest and it offered me the ability to really grow and find myself. I think me and my friends ignore or avoid all the pretentions and resulting sprawl from the hitech boom. It is a good place, but it is so knockable.

If you look a bit deeper...I just went for some lunch, saw one of the regular street guys I have encountered for years (I call him "Pipe Guy") and ran into a guy from the bike shop up the street and talked about rollers and bump skiing. Not bad for a quick jaunt to Taco Loco.
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Hey Bob P - don't suppose you have any eligible sons around 25years old looking for love? Only joking, but you and your wife are really lucky and I'm glad you posted your story!
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Hey Het, whatever happened to your knuckledragger? I mean if he's out of the picture, is 31 too old?
I mean, my IQ is 25, so maybe that's better!

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