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Dolomite Boot ????

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So I went to my local bootfitter in search of new boots. I tell him my history/skier abilty which is a strong intermediate, physically fit skier. We get to trying on some boots. I narrow my choices down to the Tecnica Magnessium and Dolomite ZRage 120. Well the Tecnica heel pocket felt a little to large so I went with the Dolomite. My question is did my bootfitter and I choose a boot thats flex is to stiff for my abilty. I am 6'3 210 lbs. stong intermediate-athletic skier..... Help me out guys..
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I ski the Dolomite ProZ 110. I weigh 170 soaking wet; advanced skier, moderate speed. I find the boot stiffness to be perfect -- laterally it is extremely stiff, foreward flex is stiff, but nicely progressive. I don't feel like I'm slamming my shins into a brick wall if I get tossed too far forwards.

You outweigh me by a good 40 pounds, so I think you're safe going with a slightly stiffer boot.
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Thanks Kevin......Anybody else have an opinion?
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Originally Posted by bossman5 View Post
Thanks Kevin......Anybody else have an opinion?
At your weight you'll be just fine...If needed, after a few days in the boots, you can have them softened if you find them too stiff.

The thing I'd be concerned about the boot would be too much forward lean (the Tecnica would just as much, if not a little more)...At your level, you may find them a bit demanding in this regard. This can be fixed as well.

Other than that it's a very solid boot.
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Comprex skis a Dolomite.
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I'm 6"1" 205 lbs level 7/8 and bought Dolomite Rage X10 on advice of my fitter last year. It wasn't even on my Radar screen beforehand. I tried several mfgs and had been a Lange guy for yrs , however I really Like these Dolomotes , great fit flex and performance
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Without seeing you flex them, one can't really make a comment on whether or not a boot is too stiff or too soft as flex has just as much to do with ankle dorsiflexion as it does with size and strength. At your size though, I wouldn't worry too much as Dolomite's (and Lange for that matter) flex index is definitely on the softer side of all the boot companies out there- a 120 flex Lange or Dolomite is about equivalent to a 100 Nordica or Salomon.
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No, if the boots fit you will be fine. 120 flex is a fairly stiff recreational boot. I ski the Dolomite Pro Z 130, but the 110 would have been a better fit for me as I am a lightweight too. I had to remove the stiffening bolts in the back of the boot in order to be able to get a decent flex from it in the cold. As far as Dolomite's flex index being soft, I'm not sure thats accurate but it might be the Pro line is much stiffer than the rest of the Dolomite lines.

Aside from being insanely difficult to get on and off, I love the boot. The only thing I would change is to put a shock absorbing boot board in as they are a little painful landing on the hard pack.
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the red Pro Z from last year is one of the stiffest boots I've ever had my feet in, but the Rage series and all the other Dolomites are fairly soft.
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Actually my Rage X10's seem a bit stiffer than my Soloman X-Wave 10's...This is probably due to the Wave's having a more progressive flex than the Rage's.

My Dolomites are really good boots, but other than one day this season I've been back in my Tecnica Icon Carbons as they've been feeling really good. The Dolomites are two sizes smaller than my street size and they still need some work to get just right. Still some hot spots, so I've been skiing the Icons.

The Solomans are about ready to put out to pasture and the buckles have started to oxidise and loose their finish material, so I don't ski those anymore.

I also have Tecnica Diablo Mags, which I do like, but the Icon's just let me ski however I want and don't give me any lip unlike my Mag's.

I don't know what I'm going to do once my Icon's finally retire...Of all the boots I've ever had/skied the Icon's have been the best in terms of fit/function/comfort/performance. But this may not apply to the next guy.
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