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2002 Dynastar gs skis, 187cm, stated R>21m, actual measured sidecut with calipers at 102-63-88 (even though the graphics feature a prominent “64"), which calculates to a 21.2m radius using a spreadsheet I have in my files (doesn’t let me see the underlying calculations though).

In absolutely immaculate condition: sharp edges, perfect stone ground pattern, no gouges, no significant scratches even, reasonable amount of side edge left, although unknown among of base left for future stonegrinding. Previously mounted for Look/Rossi race stock turntable bindings and then Look Autodrive race plate (currently unmounted, either binding or plate).

Add actual USPS or UPS shipping cost for 8 lb 6 oz oversized package from 01002

Reason for selling: I bought them at a ski swap for the race plates and bindings. They’re too long for me for gs, and too short for sg. Given the boot sole size they were mounted for, I suspect they were used by a woman as a sg ski, which would also explain why they are in such pristine condition (i.e., way better than my own SL & GS skis after just one season of very light use).

Pictures available via email. I can also mount them up (yes, I have the jigs) with a brand-new pair of either Marker Ti 1300 (w/ the big piston plate) or Look Px12Ti (just lifters) or Salomon S912 (no lift) for another $95 (although that will increase the shipping cost).