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Feeling the need to move some gear, so here's the list:

Atomic R:EX (184) (not sure of the year; orange topsheet when they went to the telexium stuff) mounted once for Sallie S912 PE2's at 305-mm BSL (not included); Perfect edges, bases, and topsheets; Skis two runs since last (and only tune); Seen about 15-days use overall
$149 + shipping

K2 Public Enemy (179) 04-05 vintage with 80-mm waist; mounted once for Look P12's at +3 (not included) at 305-mm BSL; Very Good edges, bases, and topsheets; no core shots or rail damage; only minor bases scratches
$149 + shipping

Rossignol Scratch BC (185) 05-06 vintage - Brand New / Never Drilled
$375 + shipping

Look P12 Lifters - Seen about 10-days use; Very good condition
$79 with normal brakes / $99 with wide brakes + shipping

Naxo NX01 (Med) - Seen about 10-days use; One toe missing the AFD, otherwise in great condition.
$139 + shipping

Atomic T:11 AFT Boots (25.5) 04-05 (purchased at the beginning of last season) Used 3 days and in near new condition; no boot work performed
$149 + shipping

All prices are in US dollars.

Send PM if interested in some gear...