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Question for Head ski gurus

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I skied on some of these last spring -- XRC 1100s, I believe -- and sort of fell in love with them.

I have tried to forget them, but alas I cannot. I don't really need new skis, but when did that ever stop anyone ....

Anyway -- these were 156, which might be a tad short, but I didn't get a chance to ski the 163s. It appears that these aren't in the current Head lineup, and frankly I'm not even positive which "version" they are (which is why I posted the photo). There are all sorts of letters and numbers pertaining to different construction ... it isn't a terribly great photo, but maybe someone can confirm.

So if these aren't available to demo anymore, what would be comparable? And where in Colorado -- Front Range or Summit Co/Vail area -- can I find such demos? All the Head skis I've seen have been Monsters or Mojos (or women's skis).

I'm currently on the Volkl Supersport Gamma (pink stars) in a 161. Female, 5'9", 135#. I have been very happy on them, but I was even happier on the others.
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The i.XRC 800 is excellent for the improving intermediate, and the i.XRC 1200 SW is a pretty good jump above that. If you are a pretty good technical skier, take a very good look at the Supershape, a true all-mountain ski excellent for everything up to about a foot of fresh snow.

Harb's shop in Downieville (I-70 exit 234), 303.567.0679, rents demos and sells Head skis. They'll know about the different models and can offer length recommendations.

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Tough call based on the picture. Maybe the following will help. The problem is that the ski in the picture looks like the ski color is red, the 1100's are more of an orange or blue, and the XRC series was renumbered for last year; the 1100RD became the 1200 (top of the line) while the 1100 chip became the 1400 chip (but the 1200 is the top of the line ski). The following is in order of increasing stiffness/capability of the ski.

last year

XRC500 (red)
XRC800 (blue)
XRC1100 (orange)
XRC1400 (dark blue/black? can't remember)
XRC1200 (orange)

Agree with the other comment about the XRC800, but the 1200 is three skis above the 800. I agree with the Harb shop recommendation.
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Those are definitely the '06 XRC 1100. The capped construction and the graphics are the key. The XRC 1200 has the same graphics, but it's a sandwich construction. Similar skis will be the '05 XRC 1100 (note, make sure you dont get the 1100SW or 1100 Chip, they're both quite different) and the '04 XRC (don't believe it had a model number) - both of which are virtually identical.

If you can't find those models, the closest is probably the 800 (although its been changed for this year). The 1100SW/1200 is a pretty significant step up, so I'd stay away.
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