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Nice job Jonathan

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Why thanks, and our 14th place did indeed qualify us for next year's race, although unfortunately I screwed up the hiker-to-climber/skier tag, which cost us a few minutes, and therefore definitely cost us 13th place, and maybe 12th place also. (Then again, the 12th place team won the climb/ski portion, so if I'd been ahead of him who knows what extra speed he might have summoned up to overtake me.) The irony is that the lag got added not to my time but to my wife's time, so she probably should have been about 10th instead of 17th.
Interestingly, second-time winner Team Rossignol seems to have suffered an even greater tag debacle: all their team members were incredibly fast, except for their hiker, who finished about where my wife did (even with the several-minute lag I added to her time). But many of us saw their hiker, and she was sprinting up the entire way! I think she hiked so fast, that combined with their fast runner, kayaker, and biker, when she showed up at Hillman the climber/skier was taking an extended siesta or something...
BTW, the banquet room at Bretton Woods had an excellent view of the western aspects -- what a shocking absence of white!
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