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problem with stone grind

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I got them done...picked them up....could see they were not right ...the shop did them over and looked and felt ok...skied 10 days and somethings not right ..i have 2 egde tools and i cant get any friction on moon stone and no fileings on files for my bases"1 base 3 side" side touches up but base i get nothing...now thought it was me at first but been doing touchups and waxes for 3 yrs and i believe they screwed up my bases..also no matter what i do i hit hard pack or ice and skiis skid bad..ourt from under me...is it me or could they have really screwed the pooch on my metrons
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It doesn't sound good...

...it sounds like they convexed your bases or something similar. What were you wanting them to do? It sounds like you wanted them to flatten out the bases for you, and they wound up convexed. Generally, if a shop runs skis over a belt sander, which is stage 1 if you have a lot of dings in the bases and edges and you want to get rid of all the garbage and start over, the bases will likely end up slightly railed...which is the opposite of convex. It sounds like you're using a 2 in 1 "do the base bevel and the side bevel" tool, which I'm not in favor of...but it should work. You need to get a true bar and see if the base is convex, flat, railed, or whatever, then go from there. Belt sanding is okay if your bases are really in bad shape, but you always have to follow that with some hand work. Some stone grinders will get a base flat, others just apply structure. So You need to start by finding out if your bases are flat, convex, or railed, and then take it from there...
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