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D I C E - K

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is on the plane......soon to be in da house....sawx house that is:

espn says $66m for 6 years...+ the posting fee of course.


I think this pitcher is the real deal...bring on the GIRO ball!
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Baseball sucks without a salary cap...but he should be fun to watch. I enjoy all the US media attention to stars like him from other places in the world.

How much do you think the Red Soxs' payroll is going to be this year?? Could it top 200,000,000?? That would be funny stuff...slightly higher than the Yanks' payroll this year.
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The Sox payroll will be roughly $150M or so. Management has been very averse to going over the luxury tax threshold. They will still be $50-$60M below the Yankees.
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1. NY Yankees 198,662,180
2. Boston 120,100,524
3. LA Angels 103,625,333
4. Chicago Sox 102,875,667
5. NY Mets 100,901,085
6. LA Dodgers 99,176,950
7. Chicago Cubs 94,841,166
8. Atlanta 92,461,852
9. Houston 92,101,503
10. San Francisco 90,862,064
11. Seattle 87,924,500
12. Philadelphia 87,148,333
13. St. Louis 86,912,217
14. Detroit 82,302,069
15. Baltimore 72,585,712
16. Toronto 71,915,000
17. San Diego 68,897,179
18. Texas 65,129,570
19. Minnesota 63,810,048
20. Washington 63,267,500
21. Oakland 62,322,054
22. Cincinnati 59,162,015
23. Arizona 58,884,226
24. Cleveland 56,795,867
25. Milwaukee 50,540,000
26. Kansas City 47,294,000
27. Pittsburgh 46,867,750
28. Colorado 40,791,000
29. Tampa Bay 35,417,967
30. Florida 14,344,500

2006 numbers, interesting that the difference between NY and Boston ($78M) is larger than the difference between Boston and #27 Pittsburgh ($74M).
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What does the difference between the Pirates and Red Sox payrolls have anything to do with this thread? I am going to go as far as to say....nothing.

The Yankees are the team that everyone loves to hate...the Red Sox might have won the hearts of some during their miracle playoff run a couple years back (mainly because they dismantled the team that everyone loves to hate), but they are becoming the Yankees little brother (the other team that everyone loves to hate).

Personally, I dont really care for either team. I think it is a joke that it is a flat out race to see who can buy who so the other can't have him. MLB is going downhill. Without a cap, the league will spread more and more apart, like it already has. Is that what you want to see?
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You're the ignorant one who brought up the Sox being near $200M in payroll, which they won't be close to this year, as well as baseballs competitive need for a salary cap. I was simply pointing out the fallacy of that, and that the difference in payroll between some of the teams is not as great as many people want to believe.

A salary cap is not the cure all to baseballs disparate spending problems. You should do some research, try Baseball Prospectus.
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There is a cap, and over the cap you pay a luxury tax. Teams have ebbs and flows. KC was good in the 80s, Yankees sucked. Its all a cycle. So stop crying- baseball wasnt going down the drain in the 50s when the Pirates were good and the Red Sox sucked, and its not going downhill now either. Some teams are going to be poor, others good. (As in the words of the honorary Judge Smails..."The world needs ditchdiggers too...")

I just wanted to post in this, the official DICE-K BANDWAGON THREAD. I am firmly on board with my seatbelt on and my tray in the upright and locked position.
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Maybe the answer for more competative teams is keep the luxury tax and give teams that refuse to field a competative team a time frame to get good or force them to sell the team to an ownership group that WILL compete.

None of these owners are hurting for cash. It's a matter desire.
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Those 2006 salaries don't mean anything now. The Yankees have done a good job of lowering payroll- getting rid of Sheffield's $13 mil, lowering Moose's salary $5 mil a year, dumping Jaret Wright's contract, etc. I bet the Red Sox are right up there, especially if they really do come to terms with that stiff Drew.

As for Dice... that's TBD. I don't think he's worth $17 mil a year, but he may prove his critics wrong. All I know is that he's never pitched more than once a week, never gone over 185 innings, and he's never pitched against this kind of competition every game.

I also thought it was pretty pathetic that Red Sox fans were charting his every move before he signed. Holy crap man, its not the Beatles, its a Japanese pitcher!
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They've already made comparisons in the media (somewhat unfairly) to Pedro when he came over from Montreal. Of course Petey had a Cy Young under his belt already at the ML level ....

Like Pedro helped add the Dominican contingent, some surmise Daisuke could be a big marketing win for the Sox with the Japanese - there have already been inquiries at local travel agents. Problem is they can't get large blocks of tickets even though they have large groups they'd like to accommodate. Fenway park is still too small!
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Ok we now know he'd be a heck of a D 1 NCAA pitcher

Throwing vs fish on tuesday.....


lovin it:
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I missed that one - will have to check out his next outing.

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I sure as hell wouldnt have wanted to be on the D-I team he faced....I know it was hard enough running up against Rich Harden back in JUCO when he was bringing 94-96 in on my hands
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Looks like Dice-K needs to do a little better against Baltimore's second and third team before he takes on a major league lineup.
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he was howyousay - getting his work in epic-sans. All ready for opening day soon

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I know... its only spring training. All will play out in 2-1/2 weeks, and I can't wait.
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ok now we know he can dominate a AAA team(royals)

let's see how he does in the big leagues next far so good!

Ichiro Suzuki and company
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Lookin pretty good - actually have to see how he does against the AL BEast teams.

He was Pedro-esque the other day!
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