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Dynastar 8800

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Looking for some insight as it relates to the Dynastar 8800. I have a chance to pick up a pair pretty cheap but I wondering if they will be much different than what I'm on. I of course can look to demo the 8800 sometime this season and likely will if I don't buy these skis.

I'm 6'4" about 200 lbs. A solid level 9 skier living in Colorado but get around to the Rockies to other areas within a days drive. I ski Mary Jane most weekends to get my legs ready for the bigger mountain stuff on long weekend trips like Aspen Highlands, Alta, JH, and Taos. While I do love to ski soft bumps at the Jane, I really live for the steep, deep, chutes, and trees!

Right now, I'm skiing dynastar 8000s in a 184 and love them for most conditions. I was thinking though a pair of 8800 might be nice for big powder days and likely even heavy spring snow (i.e. back bowls at Vail on a nice warm spring day). The 8800s I can get a deal on are 178s. Would these be too short for me? Would they offer a better ride in the deep stuff than what I'm on now? I realize they are of course wider but given the difference in length, I'm wondering if they would really offer more float and power thru crud and deep snow than my 8000s in a 184. Appreciate any thoughts you might have....
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If it is a great deal I would just pull the trigger.
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Yes, I see your dilemma. You’re right on the cusp of the 178 being too small. I would hold out for the 188 or the 186 LP.
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You'll lose some of the 8800's float going down by 6cm in length. In fact, I'd argue you might not notice any difference in float between the 8800's in a 178 & a 184 8000. I'd hold out for the longer length. A good deal isn't nearly so good if once you get to the slopes and find out you aren't happy with the performance of your skis.
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Thanks for the quick feedback! You've confirmed my thoughts... I'm going to hold out and try and demo some LPs this year.
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I'm 5'7" and 175lbs. I ski an 8800 in 178cm as my everyday ski
in tahoe. It took me a few weeks last year but now I love the
ski. It has a different flex pattern than the 8000. For you, I'd
also hold out for the 188cm.
Could you PM me if you see any 8000's in 178cm length at a good


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