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Bode Miller takes 2nd in WC Slalom

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At Aspen yesterday. He was the first US male on the podium in a World Cup slalom race in THIRTEEN YEARS.

Hopefully, this may be a sign that the men's team will make a good showing this year.

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Way to GO!

I agree with you Peters, hope to see this up close and personal in FEB.!


and FLEMMEN, I just love her!
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Dr. Go:

When you say you hope to see it up close and personal, are you going to be watching the races in person? I'm going to be a volunteer worker on the course crew for the Men's Downhill and Super G at Snowbasin. I can't wait.

Speaking of Bode Miller, I wonder how many people remember that he is the one who caused a sensation about shaped skis a few years ago. K2 gave him a test pair of K2 4's and he raced them in (I think) the Junior Nationals. He won his race by something like 4 or 7 seconds - absolutely killed every other racer (who were all on traditional skis).

I think that was the beginning of the end of traditional skis in the US.

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Hey Peters, tell us where you are going to be and we will stop by to "Bark" at you!
(I guess that is what Barking Bears are supposed to do)

Are they giving you guys parkas, or Tee necks this year?

Save a PIN for me!
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I'll be shoveling snow, sideslipping, packing, raking, putting up/taking down gates, assembling fences, etc., on the Men's Downhill course. Before and after the race, I'll be either working various sections of the course or riding the John Paul lift. During the race(s), I'll likely be a gatekeeper.

I'm not sure how close to the course "regular" skiers will be able to get - you may have to watch from the grandstand area at the bottom. If they handle it like they did the Men's World Cup races last spring, there are a couple of spots where plain old skiers could get close enough to see some very exciting sections of the course.

I'm supposed to get my uniform sometime in December. A total of 11 uniform items (parka, pants, vest, hat, gaiter, etc.) They've already been giving us various pins. If you can find me, I'd be happy to give you a pin, although trades are more fun.

BARK away!

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We will be there, and I am sure we wil get up to where ever you are.

I will stop and say HI!

Maybe we will trade some pins...
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Bode Miller's 2nd place finish behind Mario Matt actually made the sports page of today's local paper along his picture no less. The article pointed out that no US skier finished this high since Felix McGrath's second place finish behind Alberto Tomba in Are Sweden in 1988 . [img]smile.gif[/img]

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