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My understanding of knee braces is similar to yours: a brace can restore some stability to a knee with a partial or complete ACL tear. Someone with an unstable knee can, while wearing a brace, perform activities of daily living (walking down stairs, for example). However, at least according to the orthopedic surgeons I know, there is little evidence that such a brace can prevent an injury, especially from skiing, football, etc.
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Quoting a doc from a motocross forum, http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/sho...d.php?t=431948 :

"What you describe is the illogical and circular reasoning that plays into the hands of the manufacturers and takes nearly a billion dollars per year out of the hands of nervous athletes.

The medical literature has a zillion studies on virtually everything related to knee injuries. Never has there been a study, not financed by the manufacturers, that has proven the efficacy of braces to prevent ACL tears, or lessen the occurrence of retears.

Now if you want to believe the manufacturers, then you should buy the most expensive knee braces on the market......"

" Also, Ricky gets paid to wear them, do you?"
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Nice topic...

Performance begins between the ears. I would bet that there is a significant placebo effect. It cant hurt and it gives me the confidence to perform without worrying about the knee. Therefore, who cares if it actually prevents re-injuring the knee.

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