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Buying gear in Canada

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I'm going to Banff in beginning of January, and I will propably buy myself a set of skis while I'm there.

On the homepage of one of the shops in Banff, there's an offer called 'Demo to buy', where you rent a set of skis for at least 3 days, and if you decide to buy them, you get a refund of the rent (up to $190) + some other discounts. I really like the idea, but is this how it works in the majority of the ski shops, or is this a one place offer only? Also, can anyone tell me if the skis you purchase is the rental skis, or do you get a brand new set?
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Most ski shops offer some sort of Demo/buy program. If the shop has a ski in ski out location, you can demo a few skis before you pull the trigger on a pair.
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The places I've seen with an offer like that are selling the rental skis, not new ones.
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most shops have that kind of deal, usually it is up to 3 demos refunded against a new ski purchase
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