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Summer skiing in USA?

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Thanx for all the helpful davice I've gotten here, I always find what I'm looking for whenI post on Epicski, but now, I need one more thing.

I am planning(trying to anyway) a senior ski trip in mid june with my freinds using our open house ca$h and am really having trouble finding a place that will be open in the summer(besides race and pipe camps, way too expen$ive!) and have snow.

If anyone knows where a good place to ski in the summer would be, I would really appreciate it, Thanx again in advance). I would really prefer to stay in the united states, but its not a recquirement.

p.s. it also has to give lessons because one of my freinds wants to drag his g/f along and she hasn't skiied much.
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Not in the US, but probably less expensive. Mark skied at Blackcomb last year in July.
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A-Basin, CO is nearly always still open through all of June - often still getting fresh snow here and there.
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Oregon has a couple areas that should be open. Mt. Bachelor in Oregon stays open until July 4th. Timberline on Mt. Hood stays open all summer.
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Try Mammotsh in California. It is usually opened through June. I am oping to get out west myself
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As Rio said, MtBachelor is the place. We're having great snow this year and should easily make it until late June. And there are lots of other things to do in the afternoons.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>A-Basin, CO is nearly always still open through all of June - often still getting fresh snow here and there.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

...and they got their final approval to begin building their snowmaking infastructure.
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We skied Mt.Hood on a 4th of July weekend, they open at 7:30 in the morning and close by 1:30 in the afternoon because it may get soft at the bottom.

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If you wanted to zip across the pond, the best European glaciers - IMHO - are:
Tignes, France (you'll get over 1000m vertical at that time)
Hintertux, Austria (good pitches)
Saas Fee, Switzerland (also good pitches, smaller glacier, v.pretty village)
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Is the Basin going to go year round now? With snowmaking there is no reason they won't be able to. All through the summer there are still plenty of nights (and some days) cold enough for blowing it up there.
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I've heard a rumor that A-Basin wants to court the US Ski Team for summer and early season training.

What isn't a rumor is that they're now in that silly race to see who opens to the public first for each new season.
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Here's a good link for you to check out:
Late Season
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I had 10 inches of fresh on July 10 @ Blackcomb two seasons ago.

I have also had a little fresh on Mt. Bachelor on July 4 a few years back
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