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Best ski for Advanced Intermediate

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I'm looking to buy an all-mountain ski. I'm 6'1, 79kg.

I am comfortable skiing double blacks, except when the moguls get too big and icy. Don't have much experience on powder and crud, but would like to improve on those areas.

Enjoy skiing the fall line and going fast.

What ski would you recommend that can "do it all" and can last me a long time in terms of growing with me. I don't want to sacrifice too much groomed/hardpack performance, but would like something to help me develop in the ungroomed.

I'm looking at the Volkl G3, Rossi Bandit XX, K2 Axis X, Atomic R9.22.

Also, I have seen a good deal on a K2 Enemy? Really cheap, 183cm.

Any good ideas and opinions? Also, what length should I go?

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Length and waist are more critical than brand!

No longer than 170 and no wider than a 68mm waist. These dimensions will enhance your ability to carve and will perform adequately in varying conditions.
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Thanks Rusty.

Do you not think that 68mm waist is a bit thin, especially for powder and crud?

I only have enough money for one ski....one arrow in the quiver. It has to do everthing. Any good ideas on what to demo, and what kind of stiffness and length?

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I'm probably a little below your level. I'm just starting to tackle black diamond runs and bumps. I picked up a pair of Atomic 9.22's and just tried them for the first time at Mammoth last weekend. I thought my hardpack performance would suffer when going to the 9.22 (I was skiing some beginning carving skis). To my surprise, the 9.22 was much better for me on the hardpack than my old skis. I wouldn't take my word for it, but there seems to be plenty of praise to go around for the 9.22. Every aspect of my performance has improved with the 9.22.
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I have several skis to choose from, and I almost always take out my slalom skis. For me, more sidecut equates to more fun!!!!!
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I was in pretty much the same boat as you and opted for the Atomic 10.20. It has the stones for the higher speeds, great edge to edge, cuts the crud, and is pretty good into bumps, and can can cranked into some pretty tight turns. Just my thoughts.
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To each his own and that is why you asked questions. Get numerous answers and sort through what seems to best apply to you. If I were to describe my skiing it would be exactly the same way you did. I skied on 6 different skis last year but I kept going back to the Axix X in a 167. I am much shorter than you only 5'6" and everyone kept telling me to go to a shorter 160 length but I could not get near the results out of a 160 as I could the 167 so I am a little slow about no longer than 170 generalizations. I had a little bit harder time in the bumps with the axis but it more than paid off when it came to to let the wind whistle in my ears at a little speed.
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Demoed the 2004 Rossi B3 (or B4?) in 174 cm length. Sweet!

Can't go wrong w K2 Axis, probably get last years for a steal.

Aren't Enemy's a twin tip? Kinda less versatile.

Also, I think you could easily go with skis up to 180 cm., and don't be too concerned about staying under 68 mm waist, mid fats can "do it all", almost.
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