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Does anybody have any experience riding Tele/AT "specific" skis with alpine bindings?

I know quite a few folks (not personally, mind you, but via the grapevine) who have mounted alpine binders on things such as the Sick Bird from Rossi.

But what about G3 skis?
Black Diamond?
Volkl T-Rock?

I know that these skis are traditionally lighter for touring purposes, but just curious if anybody has ridden or currently rides any of them with alpine binders (it always seems like tele and AT folks ride a lot of "alpine" specific skis as their BC set-up, but very few ride Tele/AT specific skis as their alpine set-up).

I also know that some of the bigger companies (Rossi, Volkl) use the same moulds for some of their alpine and tele/at skis (Sick Bird somewhat = to Scratch BC / T-Rock somewhat = Karma, at least in terms of dimensions, weight and in the case of the T-Rock, lengths, often differ).