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I am looking at starting to ski again after a 6 year hiatus and I need some advice on purchasing some new skis. I when I last skied in 2001, I was doing a lot of recreational racing - about 3 times a week - in our local adult race league and NASTAR. I averaged about a 1-6 handicap in NASTAR and I was using 193 Volkl P40 RC's and 188 Volkl P40 F1's at the time. I actually liked the RC's a bit better for whatever reason.

I ski at a hill (Mt. La Crosse) in the Midwest so we have lots of boilerplate (when we have snow), which is fine with me and the majority of my use will be in gates or just carving. I have been thinking about focusing in on the Volkl Racetiger RC's in 178 or the Racetiger GS in a similar length. I am 5'11" and weigh 205.

Since skis seem to have really changed quite a bit in the last 5 years, any advice would be greatly appreciated. If things go well, I would even like to get back into USSA Masters races. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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The lengths you're looking at seem to be about right. I don't think I'd go longer than 180. And a GS carver would for sure be the way to go. Check out the Volkl P60 GS carver, Atomic GS:12 carver, Fischer RC4 WC RC and others. A good place to start is with the Ski Press reviews (www.skipressworld.com/skitest).
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Thanks for the feedback. I did some research and found that the P40 RC had a turning radius of approx. 21' and the P40 F1 had a radius of just over 23'. This has led me to think that this is partially why I liked the RC better than the F1; the smaller turning radius. Granted, the RC was softer than the F1 but I don't think that is why I liked it better; it just seemed to carve better with the same amount of energy release out of the turn.

Perhaps I am thinking about this too much but I want to make sure that I get the best ski for me - my wife will kill me if I begin buying skis the way I buy golf clubs. My main concerns are:

- Will the RT RC be too soft for an aggressive racer on shorter Midwestern courses (30 seconds)? Will it hold its edge on Midwestern ice?
- Is the turning radius of 17' too tight? The RT GS has a radius of 19, and I presume, is a bit stiffer as well.

The ski shop does have a pair of 183 RT RC's that I can demo, so that should help but the hill isn't open due to 50 degree weather and rain - yuck.

Thanks again for any feedback.
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Turning radius can depend on the typical set-up of the race course too. If you can only afford 1 pair of skis and the Nastar courses are closer in radius to a Slalom course then the 21 meter GS skis would be harder to ski, it could be done but the technique changes. Our local hill in NY everyone is moving down close to a modifed GS (15 meter radius or so depending on the length) or even Slalom skis. You may have to ask some fellow racers and of course if there is a shop that has demos, take them out and try a few pair. Popular would be Volkl Superstar series, Fischer RX8, Elan RipStick or Speedwave in all mountain skis that can perform in the beer league race courses too, or the previous mentioned race series skis Volkl Racetiger (slalom or GS depending), Fischer Race SC or Worldcup RC, Atomic and even some of the Nordica models that are in the cheater GS ski categories (FIS and USSA have min radius of 21 for GS skis, you do not have to worry about that if you are only doing Nastar or other non FIS races) Slalom has some rules too but mostly they are min length on the skis for the Slalom not any radius rules.
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