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metron or sx10

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Hello everyone,

New to the board...I'm looking to pick up either atomic metron m10 puls ti or atomic sx10 puls ti, I have a friend that has a bunch of pairs of both. I'm 22, 5'7, 155 lbs, and a pretty good skier. I started 3 years ago, ski ~25 times a year pretty aggressively, mostly outside of Buffalo, NY. Also, he has 150 and 160 in both...would 150 be too short? Thanks for any help you can give.

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i don't know about the sx10 but i can vouche for the m:10 as i have a pair myself. typically the m:10 tends to be fatter so you would want to go short and they're awesome if you're aggressive but i don't know about 150 that might be a little too short especially at your height. if i were your height i'd go with 164
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a 164 in the M10 will rock for you. The SX10 will be a tad quicker edge to edge, but the M10 will be so much better in the crud and late day snow.
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Don't know if this applies or not but I went from the sx9 to the M9 and really like the change for all around conditions. I ski in the west however and we rarelly have ice.
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Tuff call here -- My advice DEMO both if you can . Only YOU can tell what's good for you, Anything else is opinion .

That said: I'm a huge SX10 fan , ski fast on EASTERN conditions and have several other friends who ski with me regularly. All of us (5) are level 7-8 skiers and ended up with the SX 10 . We ski groomed , ungroomed , crud , boilerplate , glades etc

Some are your age and weight and use 160's, some of us over 6' ski the 170's
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I'm 5' 10" and 150 # level 7-9 skier

I have the SX10 in 165 cm and no way would I want it any shorter for my needs. These skis are my hardpack agressive carving skis, but have also used them in really steep, chunk, moguls, and some powder.

In fact I am really interested in a pair at 170 CM to experiment and see what the differance is.

That being said the Metron line is supposed to be skied shorter and is supposed to require more input from the driver.
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From my experience the SX10 would work very well on hard snow/ice. Go for 170.
From what I've heard, the Metron would work well in softer snow, I would go for 160cm.
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