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Your Own 'Top Ten' List

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Since everyone has their own preferences, list you top ten resorts (with a brief explanation why). You must have skied there to make it on the list. Here is mine:

1) Jackson Hole - Can't beat the combo of steep & deep. Also the OB policy is a model that other resorts should adopt.

2) Snowbird/Alta - Steep & Deep as well, but a little more crowded. Alta interconnect is also great. Pow is probably the best in the country. Consistent quality conditions.

3) Deer Valley - A must stop for all skiers, just to experience what service all other resorts wish they had. Great, varied terrain (including steeps when needed).

4) Snowbasin - Skis incredibly well. No crowds/lift lines. Wide open terrain and great pow during a storm.

5) PCMR - Big mountain, with a lot of variety. Olympic/race legacy makes you feel like you are skiing in the big leagues. Great hike-to terrain.

6) Targhee - Small but awesome snow (pow) and wide open terrain. Unbelievable views of the Tetons.

7) Mammoth - Perhaps the best resort most people (except LA folks) have never skied. HUGE, killer terrain. Snow is thick though.

8) Vail - Although I hate the commercialness and crowds, it still is big, fun mountain. No steeps at all, though.

9) Sun Valley - Great mountain & town, but snow can be lacking. Still fun to bomb the longest fall-line runs in the country.

10) Squaw - Steep, funky terrain & cliffs. Crappy local/employee attitude.

Honerable Mention:

Big Sky
Sugar Bowl
Alpine Meadows
The Canyons
Copper Mt.

That my list. I'm sure you will take exception, but it is MY list.

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My top ten (I only ski in the West):

1. Alta/Snowbird - you have to hike at Alta, Catherine's Area the farther you go, the powder pockets are there, North Baldy and Baldy Shoulder, and Devil's Castle High Apron, and Wildcat Bowl (it reminds of A-Basin's Pallavicini Chair), Glory Hole, etc. Snowbird it takes some doing, I wish Snowbird had one high-speed quad in Mineral Basin, but you have to traverse to the east or the north, the Little Cloud chair has some great traverses to the right or the left, and Gad II chair is just like Wildcat Bowl.

2. Whistler/Blackcomb - 'Nuff said - if it has some powder you can poke in the trees, or rip some steep bowls. In corn snow it's ideal.

3. Jackson Hole

4. Powder Mountain - this ski area is located on private land, I skied first tracks on Lightning Ridge a week after a snowstorm. Being on private land, there's no Federal brouhaha. It doesn't have the steeps of Snowbasin or Snowbird, but the slopes are so empty, and I found some decent but short steeps.

5. Solitude - I only go there because of Honeycomb Canyon - it's very close to backcountry, and it has decent steeps, but I don't go to Fantasy Ridges...

6. Squaw Valley - it's like a steeper Vail, and you can poke around the whole mountain. It's great with a fresh dump, and pretty good in primo corn snow, especially the KT-22 area.

7. Alpine Meadows - it's so low-key (like Alta, Powder Mountain, Taos, A-Basin, Loveland) and has pretty good steeps and it's great with two feet of fresh pow. It's pretty good in corn snow.

8. Arapahoe Basin - aka Fookn' A-Basin. The East Wall has some great long chutes, and the Pallavicini area is renowned for its steeps, unmarked obstacles, trees, and big tight bumps.

9. Vail - I used to ski Vail when there was only one slow double chair in the Back Bowls, but if you get up early enough go to Northwoods Express for a couple of runs, and if it's powdah day, skeedaddle to the Back Bowls pronto. I like Blue Sky Basin, because it's the only Back Bowl that doesn't face south - great tree skiing, but I like Outer Mongolia Bowl for its decent steeps. Same can be said for both Sundown and Sun Up bowls. Also, there's Blue Ox, Highline, and Prima on the front side and Game Creek Bowl isn't too shabby.

10. Mount Baker - incredible.

Honorable Mention:

Fernie, B.C.
Loveland, CO
Alpental, WA
Grand Targhee, WY
Taos, NM
Snowbasin, UT
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1. blackcomb
2. whistler
3. whistler-blackcomb
4. blackcomb-whistler

ok ok ok....

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I look forward to skiing ten places, but your right about Alta/Snowbird and Squaw/Sugar Bowl great places to play.
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Here's my top 6 listed alphabetically. Reasons may follow

Val d'Isere
Winter Park
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Okay, I'll play.

1. Galena
2. Bobbie Burns
3. Cariboos
4. Gothics
5. Revelstoke
6. McBride
7. Valemount
8. Monashees
9. Bugaboos
10. Bridger Bowl
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based on very limited experience, and since doing these lists jogs pleasant memories...

Mt. Baldy
Deer Valley
New Mexico skiing, generally.
Arapahoe Basin

(suspect i'll develop a fondness for Jackson Hole come late january.)

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Last season was my first that I skied more than two days in a season, so I don't have a huge list of resorts to choose from, but from my experience:

1. Alta - By the time we reached Alta last year, we had become solid intermediates. There was something fun off of every chair. The scenery was the most beautiful of any of the Utah resorts. The snow was much better than anywhere else.

2. Mammoth - We hit Mammoth in late April after it had dumped about three feet of some of the fluffiest snow we'd seen all year. Mammoth is huge, has a great lift system and fun terrain. The lift system is very well planned out.

3. Snowbasin - Great lifts and no crowds. The lodges were like museums. The bathrooms at the Needles lodge were really over the top. I know it's weird to mention bathrooms in a post about a ski resort, but these were really something else. We hit Snowbasin in early March last year and there was a strange warm spell - it must have been 70+ degrees at the base so the snow conditions were poor. But we were making fresh tracks through groomed mashed potatoes all day long.

4. Sunshine Village - We were still in the early stages of our development when we hit SV in January, but they had some great terrain for beginners and low intermediates. The lifts were very modern and the views were stunning. The snow at SV was very soft and fluffy.

5. Brighton - We liked the laid back feel and the snow quality was better than we'd seen early in the week at Deer Valley and Snowbasin. The terrain was pretty fun and I thought the mountain skied bigger than the statistics showed.

6. Lake Louise - The scenery here made you feel like you were on another planet. Everywhere we'd go, we'd feel obligated to stop and take a picture. It was a low snow year, though, and we were skiing a lot of manmade. The snow quality was markedly different from Sunshine. Lunch at the Temple lodge was amazing.

7. Whistler - Liked the ski-in/ski-out access. For me, the mountain didn't really live up to the hype, though. The mountains are huge, but half of the terrain is not fun to ski because it was so icy. The upper mountains were fun, though, and the views were top-notch.

8. Deer Valley - We thought the trail gradings were dumbed down. The blue runs felt about the same as green runs at most other resorts. The dining was as good as advertised. Snow quality was bad, but it was bad everywhere that week.

9. Silver Mountain - This was my first day of skiing ever and I was falling all over the place, but it was still memorable. This month's SKI Magazine has it listed as the #2 best secret ski resort (I guess resort that most haven't heard of). It's very easy to get to from Spokane. The snow was abundant and light and it didn't seem at all crowded for a Saturday.

10. Brian Head - This was my third day of skiing ever. For beginners, this place rocks as you have an entire mountain all to yourselves. The views from the top were incredible, too. Not sure we'd go back now that our skills have gotten better, but it was fun.

This year we're planning on hitting Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Steamboat, Snowbird, Solitude, Powder Mountain, Park City, and The Canyons so my top 10 will probably change a bit.
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1)Aspen Highlands if they got 500" I would still live there.
2)Solitude, skiing simple & pure 500" + & no crowds
3)Alta see above with a bit more crowd
4) snowbasin still discovering the Joys there
5) A basin steep high & simple
6)Crested Butte, great Mountain great town
7) Ajax/ Aspen if you know your way around the town & the mountain all sterotypes melt to good times
9) Snowmass, CO
10)Deer Valley, cuz sometimes there is noting like the finest cord in the world
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I don't really recognize a lot of these places mentioned so far, but here's mine;

1. Ski Shawnee, PA. Steeps, hot chicks, massive snowfall, ka-ching!

2. Greek Peak, NY. No one knows where the hell it is, that can be a good thing.

3. Huntah Mowntin, Noo Yawk. Nuff said. :

4. Powder Mountain, CT. Diamonds will test your mettle!

5. Camelback, PA. Charming egyptian theme. :

6. Catamount, NY. Those circa 1954 double chairs belch more smoke than Cheech and Chong.

7. Mountain Creek, NJ. The only hi-speed 8 passenger lift in Jersey. If only it actually went somewhere... :

8. Jack Frost/Big Boulder, PA. These two "mega resorts" combine the best of both worlds!

9. Perfect North, IN. Never been, but our very own IndyJones swears it's the shiznit. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

10. Dunno, haven't been 10 places yet. :

East Rulz!
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happen to check SKIING's take (current issue) on "Huntah"? Something about Long Islanders in jeans and leather jackets shouting "Hey Joey, look, I'm doin' it!"

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Let's see:

1. Grand Targhee: Wonderful hill. Wide open, who needs stinkin' trails. Great snow. Beautiful views of the Tetons. No one there. Found untouched a week after the last storm.

2. Steamboat: Only truly deep powder I have ever been in. Large hill, lot's of variety. Never saw a crowd. Dreadful looking base, however.

3. Vail: Huge. Terrain for everyone. Easy to get to. A bit crowded, powder got tracked out quickly. A bit hard to navigate the first time; twice made mistakes. One into too steep a hill, fortunately it was the first run of the day and covered in powder so it was still easy to get down. Second, got on the longest, flattest cat track I have ever seen on accident. Had not been groomed nor skied. I might as well have been cross country skiing.

4. Beaver Creek: Early season, not much open. What was open was great. Fast lifts, uncrowded slopes, the groomed was butter.

5. Breckenridge: Early season, only 1/4 open. (Peak 9, front of 10. Front of 8 opened last day.) Great cruiser mountain. I thought one of the prettiest ski hills I have seen. Great ski town for after ski. Not a lot of people there except Friday.

6. Snowshoe: They make the most of what they have. A few nice beginner trails off to the north end. One segregated quad with two long advanced trails. Escape to Silver Creek for less crowds but nil vertical. Some slow lifts. Can be crowded. When it snowed, everything was groomed under before opening.

7. Beech Mountain: Fun little hill for a few hours. Fixed quad gets you to the top in reasonable time. Nothing challenging.

8. Sugar Mountain: Had better terrain than Beech but dropped to last for that dreaded ride to the top. 30 minutes up, five minutes down. Don't have to worry about wearing yourself out.

OK. I have only been to eight, so it is an eight list instead of a top ten.
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1. St. Anton, Austria - Can't beat the mix of terrain, partying, and European atmosphere.

2. Lech, Austria - Maybe the most beautiful place on earth. Great skiing too.

3. Copper, CO - Never seen a mountain laid out so well. I love the fact that my kids (back when they were newbies) could ski a high mountain bowl (green run) while my brother and I were skiing some pretty intense steeps within shouting distance.

4. Stowe, VT - No place in the east can match its terrain. Starr is the best trail I've ever skied. (But I've never been to JH)

5. Burke, VT - Take back Vermont!

6. Solitude, UT - Another resort with a great mix. Easy cruisers frontside for the family, Honeycomb Canyon for thrills. Never stood in line there.

7. Alta - It was great in '78. Now, unless you hike, it's almost impossible to get 1st tracks anywhere after 9:30 am. Still, the terrain and snow can't be beaten anywhere in the world.

8. Taos, NM - Accessible great terrain, laid back atmosphere and there really is something different about skiing in New Mexico.

9. Cannon, NH - Used to be plain scary, now they groom...except the newly opened terrain. My brother says they got more than 48" last weekend.

10. Hintertux Glacier, Austria - Nothing spectacular, but I skied there alot in the late 80's - early 90's. Usually had the best snow in Austria and I skied there on the 4th of July!
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1. I won't tell you because it'll ruin why it's NO. 1

2. See above, but ...NO. 2

3. through 10. Id.

rating resorts is fine. don't rate ski hills, don't rate mountains.

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Originally posted by Xdog:
I don't really recognize a lot of these places mentioned so far, but here's mine;

4. Powder Mountain, CT. Diamonds will test your mettle!

East Rulz!
hahaha that's powder ridge.. it's like 10 min from my house and i still don't ski there..the massive 500' were fun when i was 10 yrs old though
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I have a definite mental list of my own,,,, but I think I can recognize quality when I see it.....

So I want to ride shotgun on that magic carpet Nolo has lined up!!!

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1. Jackson Hole..... Unbelivable, 40,000 vert in one day can't be topped.
2. Alta, Amazing snow, Good non Yuppie feel
3.Beaver mountain, UT, I work there might as well give it some good press.
4. Targhee... Just pure fun.
5. Snowbird... More Utah goodness.
6. Pomerelle, Id, $25 and plenty of snow.
7.Bogus basin, good lifts and nice people
that rounds out every where Ive skied but here is my wish list


sorry I am Very partial to the west. No offense Easterners.
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Well Here's my 5 cents!

1. Squaw- KT rules and the palisades are just sick! and don't overlook granite chief.

2. Alpine Meadows- Some of the best terrain that any resort can offer.

3. Aspen/Snowmass- The bowls are heaven!

4. Mammoth- Big terrain wide open slopes and the freedome to rome anywhere you desire as long as you can handle it!

5. Kirkwood- Great snowfall and is a true skiers mountain, no BS!

6. Heavenly- just because it'e there!

I'm sure I will be adding some utah resorts this year and some east coast resorts ass well!

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1. Taos - because there is nothing like the very first time you hike the ridge.

2. Copper Mtn - because I skied for three days and never went the same way twice.

3. Park City - because that is as close as I will ever be to being in the Olympics

4. Vail - with all those people there you know you must be doing something fun.

5. Breckenridge - see number 4

6. Wolf Creek - more snow, enough said

7. Monarch - tree skiing

8. Keystone - because you have to ski at night sometime

9. Red River NM just because like cheers everyone knows your name
10.Angel Fire NM - because thats where the only high speed chairs within 5 hours of home are.
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1. Ski Roundtop, PA: Because no one else will recognize it, it was a few miles from my home, and it prepared me to ski some of the truly great mountains of the world

2. Alta: The most perfect SKI mountain in the world (PERIOD)

3. Squaw Valley: “Sqawlywood”

4. Jackson Hole: Wow!

5. Verbier, Switzerland: 8,000 foot vertical

6. Snowbird: I’d like to get to know it better

7. Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, and Sugar Bowl (tie): Mini Squaws with there own funkiness and no “tude”

10. Garmisch, Germany: Too many great memories as a young Army soldier racing for my local team
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>>> 1. Ski Shawnee, PA. Steeps, hot chicks , massive snowfall, ka-ching! <<<


>>> East Rulz! <<<

What's not to like about that!! Most important part! LOL!!
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Originally posted by ryan:

happen to check SKIING's take (current issue) on "Huntah"? Something about Long Islanders in jeans and leather jackets shouting "Hey Joey, look, I'm doin' it!"

I haven't seen the issue, but that might've been me!

Yoooooo, paysan, looka dis!

Oh wait, never mind. I was wearing Cavaricci's, not jeans.
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You got it, feal! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

The order of lodges is not in preference order, just a test of memory. There's a new one called Silvertip that accommodates 11 and one helicopter for about double the usual fare. If I win the lottery, I'll spring for Silvertip and take 10 of my closest friends. That's a promise.

There is no lift-served skiing in the world that can compare to heli-skiing in bad conditions. In good conditions, I don't think heaven would measure up.
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"...if i win the lottery..."

dang. thought you'd done had.
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Originally posted by nolo:
Okay, I'll play.

1. Galena
2. Bobbie Burns
3. Cariboos
4. Gothics
5. Revelstoke
6. McBride
7. Valemount
8. Monashees
9. Bugaboos
10. Bridger Bowl
Your list is similar to if someone (who hadn't gone to film school) asked me about my ten favorite movies, and I rattled off ten obscure French or Polish films that no one had ever seen.

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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by nolo:
Okay, I'll play.

1. Galena
2. Bobbie Burns
3. Cariboos
4. Gothics
5. Revelstoke
6. McBride
7. Valemount
8. Monashees
9. Bugaboos
10. Bridger Bowl
Your list is similar to if someone (who hadn't gone to film school) asked me about my ten favorite movies, and I rattled off ten obscure French or Polish films that no one had ever seen.
</font>[/quote]Read; A bit obnoxious? :
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Originally posted by Xdog:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by nolo:
Okay, I'll play.

1. Galena
2. Bobbie Burns
3. Cariboos
4. Gothics
5. Revelstoke
6. McBride
7. Valemount
8. Monashees
9. Bugaboos
10. Bridger Bowl
Your list is similar to if someone (who hadn't gone to film school) asked me about my ten favorite movies, and I rattled off ten obscure French or Polish films that no one had ever seen.
: </font>[/quote]Read; A bit obnoxious? :
</font>[/quote]No, show off those $10,000 per pop heli skiing trips.

Here is my top 10 list

1. Diamond Peak, because I got married there.
2. Jack Frost, because I had my first lesson.
3. Campgaw, because my daughter had her fist lesson.
4. Craigmeur, because I took all first timers there
5. Great Gorge/Vernon Valley, because I grew up there, now it is Mountain Creek.
6. Sterling Forest, because I warm up for my Vail trip
7. Big Bolder, because I took my school kids for skiing
8. Hunter Mtn, because I bust my head there
9. Boreal, my first ski trip after I moved to CA
10.Squaw Valley, because Skiing Meg. Say so. And I am growing up there now.

Yahooooooooooooo.. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ December 11, 2003, 09:15 AM: Message edited by: JackW ]
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I haven't actually skied all of them, either. But I have skied enough of them to have the general idea. Some of the lodges I probably will never get to, because I keep going back to Galena.

As for the cost, well it is extravagant and I can't afford it. When my daughter got a college scholarship I was greatly relieved.

You think you're addicted?

If you aren't afraid of this virtuous drug, see www.cmhski.com and www.bridgerbowl.com.
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By the way, the government in B.C. is passing out heliski permits like crazy these day, after decades of letting applications pile up. Check out all the options now available--CMH is the granddaddy of heliski operations and has the biggest operation, but there are many, many less expensive operations available.

You can hate me now, but if you take me up on this idea, you will love me. I can wait for your mood to turn.
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my mood will have turned because i could afford it as much as because of the skiing.

i have a plot of dust in the barren desolation of winnemucca, nevada. while web-wondering what the heck's out there, i discovered this - by the way - and AM very curious:

nolo, as you seem to know a bit about it, do you think such a relative glut of operations would result in competetion for business, thus lowering costs?

(perhaps another thread...)

[ December 11, 2003, 11:14 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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