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After reading, these two posts,[/quote]

I thougt it was about time to stop moping around wondering when it was going to snow out here in the east.

I was convinced to head up to Cannon mountain. The day was beautiful. The sun was out and the snow was somehow unexplicably still fluffy.

Since it was my first day of the season I started out with a few groomers. Middle Ravine to Gremlin. There was a light dusting of new snow mixed in with blow-off from the snow guns. Really great skiing. Once I had my feet under me I poached the ropes and headed over for a run down Paulie's Folly. It was tracked up but there were still lots of lines with above the boot powder. Yes, a little sketchy because there was a lack of a packed base but that's what rock skis are for. At the bottom I had a 10-minute hike back to the base.

On my next run, I tried something different. About 30 feet off of the top of peobody express there was a thin trail that went uphill towards profile. An easy 5 min hike and I came out about a third of the way up profile. Skiers left had some deep pockets of powder (again scratchy underneath). I was able to then able to hook up to midde ravine and again make my way over to paulie's folly. Repeat 3 times with huge smile on face.

Thought I would try something different so I hiked up to the summit and headed over to the top of profile. It was a 25 minute hike in my alpine gear - post holing up. I was hot, sweaty and out of breath but totally psyched with how it looked. Skiers left again was where it was at. The powder was deep and fairly consistent. I let out some whoops as I boogied down.

A great first day for a grand total of $27. Wow!

Sorry, but I left my camera at home so no pics.