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WTB: 181 Titan 9's (piss green '05 models)

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I'm trying to track down some new-still-in-the-shrink 181 Blizzard Titan 9's, the '05 model that was neon "piss" green.

I had a line on a pair, but true to form I waited on the fence and when I finally was able to make it to the shop they'd already been sold.

Blizzards aren't easy to find here in No. Cali, so if any Bears have stumbled across a pair at their local shop, lemme know!

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I will be selling my blue ones...just not yet. BTW, it is a kickass ski.
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I have a pair of Titan 8's..which I enjoyed last season when I demoed them.

As for the 9, I gotta admit to being vain. I prefer the green to this year's blue/gray design.

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Dookey, I just sent an email to a friend of mine to see if he has any collecting dust (he's a Blizzard rep...well WAS a Blizzard rep, now transitioning to Elan).

Anyway, I he's probably more likely to have a demo set or two lying around than a new pair - would you be interested? I'll let you know what he says either way - it may be a few days until I hear from him because he just had his first kid a few weeks ago and he's a bit preoccupied.

You do realize that the green one is different dimensions than the blue one (green = 82mm waist / blue = 86mm). Would make a good harpack, bump, spring corn ski me thinks.
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x-east coaster can you see if your freind has any titan pro's collecting dust. I'd pick up a pair from him if the price were right
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i thought the T9 was more in the 90ish waisted range (like 92)?

i have a pair of T8's (175cm) and they're about an 80. waiting to mount 'em. but they will probably end up being my designated hard pack/bump ski (along with my 177 Karma).

this is the season that I step up and try some 180+ planks (my 186 Spats don't look that humongous and I've been riding a 180 No Ka Oi).

will keep you posted X-EC as I'm digging around online for those T9s.

if i don't find any new ones I may take you up on the demo pair (though I'm also weighing in on the King Salmon, Sick Bird, and Bro).

then again, given the sparse conditions here in the West, do I really need new rides?
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Bobos has the 05 181 Titan 9 for around 450$
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They did.

I actually reached out to them around Thanksgiving after you posted in another thread that they still had some laying around.

Peter from Bobo's called/emailed me and said they had 1 pair. I was actually hoping to get up there over Thanksgiving and pick them up. Sadly, when I called them last weekend (when I finally got up to Tahoe) they informed me that they had just sold 'em a few days earlier to some eager beaver looking to get first turns in on 'em!


something to be said about the early worm.

of course if the sales person I spoke to on the phone was wrong and you've seen a pair still lurking there recently (as within the last week), lemme know!

so far I've found several pair used at various resort shops in Utah, JH, and New England, and SLT (but the "refuse" to sell the demo!). I found 1 new pair in New England for $525 + $40 shipping. And then X-EC has a line on some demos from his Blizzard rep friend.

All of that said, I may just grab a pair of the 180 King Salmons over at KW and then contemplate "manning" up for some 188 Bros (or 185 Sick Birds). I keep staring at my 198 7S's and thinking "That's not really that long, so 188 should be a cake walk...")

Anyway, thanks for looking out.

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05 different...

the post above that states the 05 was different was correct.
I had a pair last year and thought i was getting the same dimesions as the 188 ski, but the 181 is just over 80 under foot. i don't think it was quite as burly of construction as the 188 either, but i'm not sure of that.
if you want a 181 in the 92 and can get over the color, the new ski is much better. they went to vertical sidewalls instead of those funky angled ones and the 181 is the same dimensions as the 188 from what i hear.

i honestly didn't get along with the 05 titan 9...

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beginning to sound a lot like the 05 T9 is pretty similar to my T8, only 6cm longer...which could be fine by me.
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I agree 100% that the green ones are much much better looking than the blue ones.. Let me know if you find another extra pair someplace (after you buy yours that is ..
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I skied the blue ones...love the, love them, love them. What a ski.
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Still searching...though I have found a line of a number of demos.

Only thing is, I won't buy a demo unless I can scope it out first (all the demos I have found are out of state for me).

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Dookey, I am pretty interested in demos.. any in NE?..
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sadly, all the demos I've found are either in Utah or JH.
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