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New Skis

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Here's the thing, I'm probably going to get back into the Patrol this year along with some recreational racing from time to time.

I'm looking for a good all conditions ski for here in the East. Conditions vary from hard packed snow and ice to slush. The last narrow waisted ski I owned was a Rossi T-Power Viper. Loved it.

Of the few skis I demoed last Spring the ski I liked the best was a Head Supershape in a 170. In the past I've always been partial to Rossis and Dynastars because of the damp, quiet rideand the good edge on ice. I'm 5'9" and right now a solid 190 lbs.

I'd be looking for ideas of skis to demo and would really like some quality thoughts from expert skiers about skis they own and like and could recommend to me. Thanks
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The Rossi Z-9 and Dynastar Contact-11 would be pretty darned good matches for what you describe.

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Good choices Jim, both on my list.

Have you skied them and what did you think?
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I have skied both and they are roughly similar in shape and capabilities. The Rossi is stiffer and has the typical feel of a foam/metal ski in that it is smooth and very damp. The Dynastar which is wood/metal is somewhat more energetic. Although they should be similar in grip, I thought that the Dynastar was better in that regard. The Contact has quite a soft tail which makes it supple and pretty forgiving for a ski with that much shape.

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Elan 666?
Elan Magfire 10 or 12?
Atomic M10
Blizzard Titan 8 (oh, thats right you don't like Blizzard)
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If you liked the T-powers you will likely also like the Rossi Oversize.
I like the Fischer WC SCs for short to medium turns at higher speeds, it's not so good for going slow though. An RX8 would be better as an all rounder. SX11/12 is also a great choice for the east.
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