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Any instructors around Keystone?

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Hey all, this is a great website that I have already learned a lot from your discussions. I apologize if this topic has been hit a thousand times.

I started skiing a month ago and am hooked. I live in the Springs, and make it to Keystone every weekend.

Issue: I tore a tendon during my first lesson. The instructor had 10 folks to deal with. He taught us to wedge straight down the practice hill, then took off for the rest of the lesson with 3 females that had skiied before. Then my wife had me fall down the mountain for the next two hours ( I did not know how to turn yet). I should have known better, but it makes for a funny story.

I got out of the brace and have skiied 5 days since then. I am still in a wedge turn, but can can sort of parallel when going down a gentle grade. The steeper portions are a little inimidating when it gets icey and speed control becomes an issue.

Should I grab a couple of books and run through the drills, or try another lesson? The last one I took was worthless, the instructor was a nice guy, but his heart was not in teaching our particular group. I just don't want to shell out another $70 to take the gondola up and not see the instructor again.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone who does freelance please let me know.


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Originally Posted by elcidwill View Post
...I just don't want to shell out another $70 to take the gondola up and not see the instructor again.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated....


wordsofwisdom: contact the resort, and talk to them about your last lesson experience.

that is not appropriate behavior for any instructor, especially one at a top tier ski school.
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I can recommend the guy I took lessons with at Breck. He was great and had me parallel in no time. Mine was a private lesson though. May be worth it for your first couple of times out. Dirk Mueller was his name at the Breck ski school. I would highly recommend him.
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Elcidwill, stick around. The director of that ski school frequently posts here. He might find your story interesting.
You can always refer to the Instructors Listing at EpicSki to obtain contact and credential information. Its a great resource and you can contact instructors by private message if you have questions or want to make arrangements for lessons.
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One of the high-ranking members (I believe he is the head trainer) of the Keystone Ski School is a contributor to these forums. As you can imagine, he's awfully busy at this time, so he doesn't make many appearances during the winter anymore unfortunately. However, he will be at the event I'll be attending this weekend. I'll be sure to point him to this thread. I suspect he'll be very interested in your story.
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Elcidwill--Thanks for posting about your experience at Keystone (and thanks too to those who drew my attention to it). That's not the way it's supposed to be, on several levels, and I'd like to find out some more information about your lesson, if you'd like to discuss it, and to have an opportunity to try to make it right for you. Please PM me if you'd like to talk!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes (Training Manager, Keystone Ski & Ride School)
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Bob can help

Mr. Barnes to the rescue. Now that is service.

Also, I can vouch for Dirk Muller. He is an excellent teacher. He teaches out of Peak 8.

Best Regards,
Jon L.
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Hey, I can vouch for Dirk as well. He was one of Breckenridge's only full-certified instructors when I first started teaching there in the late 1970's, and he was the first instructor I ever "shadowed" (followed along as an apprentice instructor). He was a top instructor then, one of my first mentors, and he's only gotten better! Good guy too, one of the real pros in the industry.

(But come to Keystone anyway!)

Best regards,
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Originally Posted by snowpro View Post
Expand to Peak One. I'm on board with that one! The hike-to terrain from Peak 1 to 3 would be extreme.
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I'll actually be skiing later this month with Dirk for a couple of days but staying in Keystone. I am looking forward to getting out on the slopes again. A couple of days worth of private lessons is really worth it in my opinion. You may be able to get in just under the wire for the cheaper prices around there during the next couple of weeks.

If it was me I would go ahead and spring for a private class and just have at it. I am sure you would get great feedback and coaching on a one on one basis at Keystone. For some individuals a group dynamic just doesn't offer the same level of comfort or results. Being a new skier myself I can tell you a big part of learning for me has been comfort/confidence while on the slope. The dynamics of basic skiing weren't all that tough (put your weight on one side to turn towards the other) but the sensation of being on skis and sliding around is something I had to get used to.

I am sure I am simplifying things to an experienced skier but for me my first few times out last year had alot to do with feeling confident. I still have trouble getting off the chair lift but my last run down the slope was relatively controlled and fun in parallel the whole way down, I didn't need to wedge once.
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Skiing with Dirk

Dirk is putting together his webpage this week. You can check out how he is doing very soon.


Yeah, yeah skiing to Peak 1 having lunch and skiing back to Peak 8. Now a person could wear a backpack and look cool.

Also, I hear the cat skiing in Keystone is a hit.

To your sliding success

Jon L
p.s. here are some conditions at Breck
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One of my favorite people is Jim Curtis who also happens to teach out of Keystone, as well. He is a level II cert, and a tremendously kind and patient guy (formerly a professor at the University of Deleware, he also participates with me as a guide for the Over the Hill Gang at Copper). Highly recommended.
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