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Boot Fit Problem,need advice please(long)

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I am a male, 5'9", 180lbs, relitevely narrow foot(95 mm), large calves. I am an agressive all mountain skier. I baught a pair of Salomon Crossmax 10 boots 4 years ago and have been skiing in them since. I love their stiff flex and how they fit except a couple of problems that I have been having. I made two major mistakes. I never had them fitted correctly by a bootfitter, nor have I used any custom insoles.
I am experiencing moderate numbness in my toes, last three in particular on both feet. It gets very painfull, but I have been putting up with it and would loosen the buckles on the lift. As I have large calves( genetics+running), I also did encounter moderate pinch on the inside of both calves. Crossmax 10 has a relatively long boot shaft. I had that pinch problem partialy corrected in Breckenridge, last year.
I did one thing correct, I chose the correct size, by fitting the shell and the liner in accordance with widely recommended techniques. So in terms of shell length(mondo 26, 305mm, I am US 9), heel fit( does not lift up when ski stance is assumed), toes move back( no contact with the front shell), all fits well. No pressure points that I can pinpoint after buckling up. I do not buckle too tight as it is not required or recommended, my foot stays snug.
However after just about 20 min, numbness begins.
I am going to get custom insoles done next week.
Is there any hope to get this boot fitted working with a bootfitter or start from scratch and get a new pair, the correct way, get it chosen properly and get it fitted.
I was looking at Tecnica Diablo Magma (hot form or hyper fit) as a possible replacement. Shorter boot shaft will work for my claves, I don't mind more forward lean, but have a concern if it would be to wide for my foot as they are known to pack out more than most.
Any advice is appreciated.
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Please do a shell fit. This will tell you if the boots are the correct size. You have a size 9, C width foot. Moving down just one size from your street size is usually not enough. Tell us what you find and then we can discuss your boot problems.

My foot is 271mm long (this would be a size 10 foot); 99-100mm wide (D width).
My Tecnicas are the same size as your Salomons and my heel would not lift up when i ski. However, this does not mean that they are the correct size. I have 1.6-1.7cm behind my heel (shell fit). This is a comfort fit. Some say that 1-2cm is good. IMO it is best to be as close to 1cm as possible.
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Originally Posted by atasic View Post
...nor have I used any custom insoles.

This is only a mistake if you need custom insoles, many people don't.
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Thanks a lot for your replies.
I did shell fit before, will do it again when I visit the ski shop next week.
Here is how it looked.
Liner out, foot in the shell, toes slightly touching the front, just slightly over one finger space behind the heel to the back of the shell. No other contact with the shell except one spot on the very side of my foot.
Liner in, buckling sequence complete, heel firmly in position, forward lean on the boot, toes slide back, no longer contact with the forward of the boot shell. Heel stays in place, does not lift up. if I straighten the stance toes are touching the front of the shell, I can lift the heel very sligthly, but only then.
Sole is 305mm, liner size 26. According to charts, for US 9, mondo 27 corresponds, however I went one size smaller and for Salomon it turned out mondo 26. I will redo the whole process when I go next week for custom insoles.
Still wondering if it is worth to invest money into fitting these boots or start with a clean sheet of paper, consult the shop and have them help with propper choice based on my foot, skill level and type skiing I do.I understand that without actualy seeing the feet and boots, little help can be provided, but evry bit helps.
Anyway, your input helps a lot.
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Slightly over one finger doesn't sound like too much. Shell fit with your stock insole in the boot.

The Salomon shell could be too wide for your foot (esp. for a 95mm wide forefoot), even if the length is correct. I am only guessing...

why don't you measure your feet using this chart and then we will see if your measurements are correct. I recommend trying on boots 2 or 3 sizes smaller than the size you have in the chart. If your size is US9 i recommend a US7 (25 mondo) or US6 (24 mondo).

If your size is US9 and your foot is 95mm wide then you should not have any problems getting into a US6 (24 mondo). IMO 26 would be too big.
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blah blah blah, see a bootfitter, yadda yadda. standard disclaimer.

Assuming that the shell fit is1-2cm, it sounds like heel lifts might be able to solve both problems- they'll boost your calves out of the boots a little and free up some toe room, which may alleviate the pain in the toes.

How are you buckling the boots? Cranking down on the bottom two buckles is a major cause of pain in boots.
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Will take all advice. Thanks. I will try smaller boots. I don't cranck on buckles at all and will see a bootfitter. Thanks once again.
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