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Originally Posted by Jer View Post
Oh c'mon,admit it - you watched Johnny Wier(d) in his stunning red sequined swan outfit in the Olympics last winter. Don't fear the rainbow!
What would Brian Boitano do?
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I keep asking myself the same question!
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I enjoy making turns on groomers on my FAT Skis. I really don't care if others turn better or woorse than I. Just stay out of my way!

I like my fat skis because they make nasty cut up cruddy snow FUN TO SKI, the whole mountain is fun for me. I did not always find that to be the case when I skied skinny skis.
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
(starting some more trouble) So looking at this cynically, fatties will teach skiers to scrape the pow off the slopes and beat down moguls just like (most of the) non-carving boarders then ...

/flameon There's nothing worse than having say 6 inches of pow over hardpack/ice/manmade crust and having it scraped off by boarders creeping their way facing down the hill. It's particularly bad on narrower trails with tight lines back east. /flameoff
Good point. But I have to disagree a little.

IMHO that comes more to the ability level of the individual rider/skier.

Novice level skiers/especially riders will always do the scraping thing.

Then if you think about e.g. McConkey (or any very good freeskier) skiing his Spatulas/Pontoons (or even "normal" fatties) on similar situation...I'm pretty sure he'll just fly over the ruts, moguls and icy patch, even when "slidin/slarving" most of the time, with a light touch(!). No offense but (IMHO again) on this site many people are too focused on carving, and carving only and thus think that all turns involved skidding are "bad form" or something...

Anyway, very interesting topic.
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Yes I agree that better skiers and riders don't scrape as much. But what may tend to happen is people get the fatter planks under them and think they can ski or ride anything. Then they get caught on a steeper slope and scrape. The typical problem is here in the eastern US is we get so much ice and a little soft on top. So I spend my day usually trying to ski on this stuff and meanwhile it's getting scraped off all the time - GRRR!!

... I'm just cranky because we have no snow yet don't mind me
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Originally Posted by viking kaj View Post
What would Brian Boitano do?
Can we blame Canada? Where are Terrance and Phillip when you need them?
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