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Help!! - Which of these skis...

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First post here. I just moved back to the Rockies from and I'm looking to get back into skiing. I have an opportunity to choose from 2 different pairs of skis, both at a significant discount, and I'm looking for advice on which pair would be the best fit for me. I'm a 29 year old 6'1", 180 lb. male, and I'm in good physical condition. I live in Wyoming and will be skiing primarily in the Jackson Hole area as well as a small ski area in my hometown. I will probably also spend a little time in Colorado. I would classify myself as an intermediate level skier, and I tend to prefer the groomed trails, blue to black (at least for now). Although I can usually get myself down the mountain from just about anywhere, my technique could use a little work, and I'm thinking about taking a lesson or two to help get me going again (it's been about 6 years since I've been on the slopes). The skis that I'm looking at are
1) Atomic Metron 8 (175cm) and
2) Volant Genesis Silver (also 175cm).
These are the only two available at the discount price, so I'm really hoping one will be a good fit for me. I realize that it's best to demo the skis, but in this case, I don't have that opportunity, so I'm hoping for some opinions on either of these skis in relation to my situation. Thanks for your help!!
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Those skis are both fairly narrow waisted for big Western conditions and are most suited to front-side groomers, which they should be fairly good at depending on your performance needs. The suitability of these skis depends on what your objectives are, what your skiing skills include and where you want to go. Both are widely available with bindings for under $300. Depending on what your budget is, and what you want to do with your skiing (especially if you aspire to off-piste), its possible you could do better.

Welcome to Epic. If you can provide more information you will get constructive suggestions or support for your choices.
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Given the info you supplied and seeing as how JH is gonna be your "home" mountain, I would definitely go wider.

I would think a ski with at least an 80 waist on up to about 94 would be optimal.

Some to consider:
Volkl Karma (87 waist)
Volkl Mantra (94 waist)
Rossi B3 (83 waist)
Rossi B4 (94 waist)
Rossi Scratch BC (98 waist)
Nordica Enforcer (98 Waist)
K2 Apache Recon (84 waist)
Line Prophet 80 (80 waist)
Atomic M:EX (84 waist)

While I have not personally skied the B4, Scratch or Enforcer, I can vouch for the K2 Recond, Karma, Mantra, and B3. All will give you pretty good edge hold on the groomers and allow you to experiment off-piste (of which there is a ton at JH).

You might want to scope out the demo possibilities at the shops in Teton Village and try a few wider waisted options.

You can probably score good deals on the Line and older B3/B4 models.

And while discounted skis are inviting, I would suggest not buying a ski merely because you can get a good deal on it unless you have ridden it. A deal isn't a deal if you find out that you don't like the product after all!

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Thank you for the replies. I really appreciate the alternate recommendations, and I will look into those. Let me add a little more info, and maybe you can help me to further refine the list of possibilites. First, I don't consider myself to be an aggressive skier, and I'm not really looking for speed, so I don't want to get too much ski for my ability level and skiing style. As I mentioned before, I think I still have some work to do technique-wise, so I may want something that will be somewhat forgiving while I work on my technique. I anticipate that I will probably stay on the groomers about 80% of the time, especially for the next couple of seasons. Budget wise, I would like to stay around or under $400 for skis and bindings if possible. I recognize that this means I will probably have to do some bargain hunting, as I would prefer not to go the used route. Both pairs of skis I mentioned earlier are available at about $250-275, but I agree that a bargain isn't a bargain unless the equipment works for me...
I would love to hear any other comments or suggestions. I would also be interested to know what you would recommend for ski length for me (6'1" 180lb). I would assume I might want to go shorter than 175 if I went with a fatter ski(?) Thanks again for your help!
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