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Preferred goggle (mine are toast)?

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I need a new set of goggles. My last pair fit great and was nice and cheap (Arnette Series II), but I can't find replacement lenses anywhere. I swap out lenses based on what the weather is doing...mirror/dark for sunny days, yellow for snowy days, clear at night.

I've got a relatively small face, and wear a helmet. I usually modify my goggles so that the foam fits perfectly to my face, so a perfect fit right out of the box is unnecessary. I'd like to find a pair that's reasonably priced and will have spare lenses available for the next few years.

Any suggestions? No futuristic gimmicks like built-in defogger fans, and aerodynamic wings please.
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...if you are desperate super glue Saran wrap on the frame....if not purchase Carrera Kimericks.....
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Smith Phenom. The smaller-faced little brother of the Prodigy, which is IMO the best goggle on the market. The optics are as good as any Oakley and the frames are nice and soft to allow not only the foam to conform to your face but the shell as well. Smith replacement lenses are also pretty easy to come by.
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How about for a guy who wears glasses?
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Thanks...any more suggestions?

As for the glasses question, get some daily contacts. I use them exclusively for skiing and track days; basically anytime I've got a helmet on. I wear my glasses the rest of the time.
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Good goggles already mentioned. Goggle prices all about same albeit expensive; however nothing more important than your eye care and good vision at speed.

The Carrera Raptor xChange is really cool with its quick change hinge. Smith Phenom is really customizable and lens is really good side to side full vision. I’ve read about this new Bolle lens that changes with conditions. Don’t know if that is a gimmick or if it changes quick enough to manage in and out of dark shade quick enough. Perhaps someone knows.

check out:


FWIW, it maybe cheaper for you to purchase the goggle with the specific lens you need than the “good for all” conditions lens it may come with. Those middle of the road lenses are pretty much worthless regarding either end of the extreme. So, for example, if you get a good bright light lens that transmits lower light with the goggle up front and then purchase a good low light high contrast as a second lens, you may save yourself some money.
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That's my plan, as I mentioned that I change out the lens based on what the weather/light is like on any given day.
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I found over the last two seasons that I became a 100% goggle user and I don't think that was necessarily because of my helmet. Years past I would use sunglasses mostly and a goggle only with low light and/or with it snowing heavily. Now I’m uncomfortable without a goggle even during spring skiing and have 3 lens replacements that best meet my needs.
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I prefer SPY soldiers & orbits. Sierra TP had some priced very well.

My brother wears the Horace Grant looking prescription Uvex and swears by them but they are ugly as sin.

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I have two oakley A-frames and four lenses. I have a small face and wear a helmet. you can order any a-frame replacement lens right from oakley's website... for me it's too easy to stock up on alternatives, hence my variety.
(also, they have been making A-frames for a few years and I suspect they will continue as it's so popular.)
FWIW; I don't have any problems.
your cheapest a-frame from their site is 80 bucks, your cheapest replacement lens is 40.
a new season is well worth 120 bucks for two lenses.
do that every year and you'll be set.
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Originally Posted by blanchje View Post
How about for a guy who wears glasses?
I bought my son Smith Turbo C.A.M. OTG goggles and he just loves them. Neither his goggles nor his glasses ever fog up.
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I wear glasses and have had two pair of the Smith Turbo C.A.M goggles (total of 5 years) and love them. The fan is most definitely NOT a gimmick. It works wornderfully.

RC36 (rose color) for bright light, Sensor Mirror for low/flat light.
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