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Fischer dealers in Colorado

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A little about my self first. Level 7-8 skier. 5' 7", 165 lbs, 43 year old male. After a twenty five year hiatus, I went on a ski vacation to Copper Mt. two years ago. I rented equipment, and this was the first time sking shaped skis. The last pair of skis I owend were Rossi's FP comps. The shaped skis where incredable. After twenty five years I was skiing like I was years ago, except for my legs giving out after a few runs .

Last year I went on two trips, and decided to buy my own gear. After reading a bunch of reviews I decided on the Rossignol Z9 in the 162 cm. I skied these skis on two trips at the end of last season in Colorado, and once at my local hill here in Omaha. The first time I skied them was at Beaver Creek. I woke up to 12" of new snow. I knew I was in trouble the minute I got off the lift. I rolled the skis on edge to make a right turn, and I just kept going straight. : In the powder the ski seems sluggish. I had to be hauling *** to get the ski to respond. It got worse as the day wore on, and the snow got trampled up. The crud was pushing those 126 mm tips all over the place, and knocking me off balance.

The second day we headed to Breckenridge. The trails by now had been groomed. The skis started to shine. On groomers the ski just ripped. Damp, quiet, powerfull, and no speed limit. The only problem was it felt like a GS ski. You could pop slalom turns, but took some effort. You really had to stand on the ski to get any sort of rebound out of it.

Granted, this might be due to my age, and experience level, but with my old, non shaped FP's, short turns were effortless. As I remember the FP had little to no side cut. I can remember my brothers K2 710 comp's side cut as being radical.

I live near a small ski resort. Man made snow err..ice. I took my skis out there, and by the time you reach speed to make a decent turn, you are half way down the hill.

Enough of my ranting and raving. Bottom line, the Z9 loves speed. Even on groomed trails, you need decent speed to get those huge tips to hook up. After reading reviews of the Fischer RX line on this forum, I am wondering if the 8, or 6 would be better suited for me. Are the RX's as sluggish as the Z9 at lower speeds? I need a ski that I can take advantage of the small ski area near my home. Hopefully someone here has skied the Z9 and knows what I am talking about. From what I've read, it seems the Fischers have plenty of rebound, which seems to me to be lacking in the Z9. At my age, I need all the help I can get. Also, are they limited to short turns? And lastly how well do they handle crud. I just want a fun ski to ski mostly on groomers.

I plan on being in Colorado Thursday this week. Can any one recommend a Fischer dealer that would have the 8 or 6 in stock at a good price, probably in 160cm, Better yet, be able rent a demo so I could ski them.


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go to the fischer website and search for dealers then call them. ALso call the shops where you will be skiing to ask who demos them. I think this would be your best bet. If you can demo from a shop at an area base they will let you try diferent skis during the day.
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I know that Foothills Ski and Bike carries Fischers, and has some of the RX series for demo.
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Thanks for your replies. I'll give them a call

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