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Lookng for a snowboard package for a 5 year old kid

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My 5 year old son has taken up snowboarding, and I'd like to get him a board setup (board, boots, bindings). The only trick is that he's small, and it's hard to find anything that fits him locally.

Can anyone recommend a good setup with a ~90cm board (and size ~1 boots)?

I'd like to get him decent stuff, but he's just a beginner and will outgrow this stuff quickly, so it doesn't have to be fancy. The less expensive, the better.
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Like skis, all snowboards of this size are pretty much standard construction.

If he can fit into a size 13 pair of boots, I am selling a pair that is in like-new condition. Only used 2-3 times and hardly a scratch on them. Pull-out liners for extra warmth - kind of hard to find in this size.

If he was a tad taller, I have a very decent intermediate freeride/freestyle board I can part with.
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I did a little snooping and did not find any 90cm boards available, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express while I was on vacation and found a recommendation of boards up to 110 cm in length for 40-80 pound kids. A found a few 105 cm boards available online. I have a page on my website that lists online sites that sell snowboard gear. Some of the snowboard sites have a "kids" option that makes your search a little easier.
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My $.02 from someone who has taught two kids to board. They both skied first, then I let them try boarding starting at age 6. IMO, 8 is a much better age for boarding, but if your 5 year-old likes it and can stay up on the board, good for him.

Since they were both skiers they both had ski boots that fit well and were pretty flexible. I bought some Nidecker Jr. Bindings that hold DIN sole boots really well - they fit up to about size 23 or 24. I got them from Bomber. Yes, it turns your kids into hardbooters (a cool thing from my perspective). But more importantly, it gives them the ability to control the board much better. I found all the little kids SB boots and bindings were way too sloppy. The kids just couldn't control the board at all and it made it much more difficult to ride. Once they get up to size 4-5-6, they can get good stuff that fits. My daughter now has both Nitro soft boots with Flow bindings and some very small Raichle hardboots with plate bindings. She's 9 and this year she decided to switch to full-time snowboarding.

Ski boots for little ones are easy to find and the cheaper ones are nice and soft - perfect for boarding. Tiny boards shouldn't be hard to find. Those bindings will only fit 4-hole boards, not Burton boards.
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Thanks for the replies, folks! I ended up finding him a 97cm board (a Dynastar), Head Jr. Boa boots, and Maxx bindings within my price range. Hoping to have decent conditions for him to try it out this weekend!

Quick question re: mounting the bindings. There are multiple sets of holes for the bindings. Which sets should I use? Also, what's a good set of angles for a young beginner? Would 15/5 be appropriate?

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Does he know if he's goofy or regular yet? If I didn't know I'd consider 0/0 or 5/-5 as a start. If you know, then 15/5 is probably fine. As for width, stand him on the board with his feet just wider than his shoulders. See where that ends up. Don't go real wide like you see some jibbers. His legs are too short for a really wide stance and he won't be able to move his body.

Post pics of the little ripper when you get him out.

Here's mine on a small board in her first race last season. She was 8 at the time. Since she's the only Grommet Girl (age 8-9) she got a gold medal!

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Thanks, Sinecure. Great pic!

He's been riding regular in his two lessons so far, so I think I'll keep him that way. Thanks for the tips on the spacing, too. I'll play around with it a bit.
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