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Stuck as to which boot to get

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Background info: I'm 6'1" 220 lbs wear a size 28.5 boot with a wide forefoot but an average/narrow heel and a large instep and a type 3 skier.

I'm in need of new boots as the ones i'm currently using make me stop every 2 runs to try to get feeling back in my feet, and at the end of the day I want to saw my feet off. After many trips to different stores the choice has come done to either the Nordica Beast or Speedmachine. The Tecnica Modos also fit, but I didn't want to step that far down in performance. The problem is that the Beast fits my forefoot better but I am worried about the heel as too much pack out may let my heel move around. The sales guy said an extra heel pad to push my heel farther into the lining would most likely prevent this heel movement from happening. I am wondering if any one here has had experience in how much pack out happens to the heel area of the Beast? Also if I go with the Speedmachine, I was wondering how much pack out do they have in the front?
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I've noticed that Nordicas do tend to pack out more than other brands. As always, shell fit is extremely important in ensuring that the boots will remain snug after they do pack out- what's the shell fit like in the 28.5s?
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Stick your foot in a Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel.

If they fit right you will need a slight punch at the big toe and sixth toe. If they are comfortable, downsize.
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Both boots are fairly high volume and have a fairly soft liner. There is more room in the beast but not much. Without seeing how narrow your heel really is, I can't give you much help. Honestly you are better off relying on your fitter who can see your feet than on internet folks who cannot.

I would say that if the shop was suggesting retro-padding the heel on a new boot.......you might consider getting another opinion. Generally, the better solution would be to get the boot with the tighter heel fit, then work on the forefoot area if you need more room. Nordicas have good, thick plastic and are a joy to work on.

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I agree with cirquerider give the Hot Rods a try before you make any decision. I was experienceing the same problem as you. I was using Salomon xwaves. I then went to Tecnica Diablos because they felt great in the shop. They did not solve the problem on the slope however. I was still in pain, the local boot fitter said he had done what he could. I started looking around and had also decided on the Beast or Speed Machine. However I ended up trying on the Hot Rod as well moslty because I thought they looked pretty cool and I had heard good things about them. I'm glad I got them they are the best boot I have had. They felt extremly tight in the shop but once on the hill they seemed to form to my foot and give me tons of support without the pain. I went down a size as well. My Xwaves and Tecnicas were 26.5 and I went to the UK size 6 (US 7, 25.5) I were a size 9, 9-12 street shoe. The only draw back so far is they can get cold at times, due to a less cushy liner then the others but IMO that means less pack out.
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