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New mogul skis

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Hi all. First time poster, long time skier. I apologize in advance if I am long winded but I want to give as much information as possible in order for you to help me in my quest.

I am 40 yo, 5'11", 185 lbs. I am a very agressive skier who skis the bumps from first chair till the last, unless of course there has been a dump and then I like to lay down first tracks before I start bumping. I like to pull zipper lines and am not a carver or slider thru the bumps. I can ski right into a mogul field and pick out a line and make it work, but I really prefer to stop at the top, pick out my line, and hit it. I control my speed with my knees/absorbtion and am looking to add a mogul only ski to my quiver which currently consists of a pair of 175 Pocket Rockets and 165 Dynastar Americarve 10s.

Now, a few words about my current boards and what I like/dislike about them. I really like the way that the Pocket Rockets ski the bumps, however, I find that they are to fat and not responsive enough for what I am looking for in a true bump ski. I find the Americarve are a bit to edgy for the bumps, but with thir small size, I can really power them thru a nice line. That being said, I can zipper line them both but I catch my edges to much with the Dynastars and the Rockets are a bit clumsy. With the addition of a true bump ski I believe I will have all 3 areas of skiing covered. Rockets for fresh snow and off piste skiing. Dynastars for groomers and other all mountain skiing, these will eventually be replaced with a better all mountain board, and then a new bump ski.

I realize it is hard to give the perfect advice and everyone has there own opinions but I welcome them all. I live in an area where my local shop does not offer any good choices for bump skis and where I ski mostly does not offer demos for bump skiis so I need your guidance. What brand/model would you reccomend and why? Size? Any particular binding you would reccomend for them? Would you reccomend mounting my binding at factory specs, I have been reading threads about mounting options? Where are good sources to get said skis? Am I missing anything?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I also look forward to becoming active on this board as I just found you today and have spent three hours reaserching in my quest for new skis.

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Pure mogul ski? Check out the Dynastar Twister or the Fischer Lunar. Both are mogul skis designed for competitive mogul skiing. The rock in the bumps but leave a little to be desired elsewhere.
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Thanks for the input. I have been looking at the Twister, I was just not sure if there were any others out there.

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volkl dragon slayer i think
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Volkl Rebellion

I think is Volkl's competitive mogul ski available to the public this year. Seemed to be the ski of choice at the Olympics.

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Several threads on this. Since you seem to like softer skis (owned the 175 PR, and agree about it and bumps), I'd suggest one of these, in no particular order:

1) 04-05 Rossi B-1, if you can find one. Not the more recent B-1's.

2) Current Rossi B-2, if you want more of an all-mountain design

3) 05-present Dynastar 4800

4) Current Dynastar Contact 10

5) 05-present Salomon 1080 Foil

6) Current Salomon Tornado
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Head superMogul 171cm. It's indestructable. Mojo 15, ditto.

Rossignol makes a rediculously light bump ski the Scratch mogul, at your weight I don't think it would be very durable. I'd go Head 1st, Dynastar twister 2nd.

From what you've said don't buy a mid-fat all around ski, go with your instinct and buy a true bump ski.
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Well thanks for the help. I ended up getting a GREAT deal on a pair of 171cm Head Super Moguls. I will have my first shot with them over Christmas at Durango Mountain Resort. I am looking forward to some zipper lines over the holidays!
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what did you think of the new skis?

I just re-read your line of postings and am wondering how you like the new skis. I believe I ski a lot like you.....bumps as much as I can, unless there's new powder. I'm 46 and don't ski as often as I used to, but I know how to ski bumps fast. I just got a used pair of Dynastar Twisters, 182 length with Rossi P140 bindings. I'm 6'2", 190 lbs. They're a few years old but in very good shape. Haven't tried them yet but can't wait. I ski in Northern Idaho most of the time. So what did you think?
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