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Elan M777s: 176 or 184?

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I am 5'8" and go about 155. Level 8/9 but now 47 years old and aging faster then I care to admit. On the plus side, I work daily (lots of squats) and play hockey a couple times a week so am in quite good shape for: Our twice-a-year trips to Alta where we ski off of Catherine's most all the time which is what I will use the 777s for. For comparison, last year I enjoyed the Stockli SS in a 178 and really enjoyed the Vicious in a 179. I was strongly leaning toward the 184 after Noodler (get better, man) expounded on how "short" they ski due to the Elan measurement technique and the up-turned tail. But now I'm feeling my mortality (and the impending doom of 50) so . . . 176?
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So how come a ski with a 87 mm waist is called a M-777? :

Anyway, IMO those are big open lines at Alta and a longer ski isn't going to do any harm. Noodler is a good reviewer and if it skis short, its probably true. Personally, I have no experience with this ski and can't advise. I just wondered why it isn't called the M-888. :

That said, you aren't very different from Noodler in size, and he was skiing a 176. Since he doesn't seem overly biased to short skis, that might be a sign. The review I read (below) said nothing about feeling short.

Originally Posted by Noodler View Post
Random stats: 17 runs, ~20,000 vertical feet, 7 pairs of skis

Conditions: I'd say it was about 6" of new snow on top of already great conditions. If you're hesitant about a possible Colorado trip please don't be! We are having the best snow season in years. It was pretty much soft all day long with only a little bit of hard stuff off of the top of Chair 1.

My specs: 5’ 7", 175lbs. male, 30th season skiing

My current equipment: Kneissl Flexon boots, Stockli Stormrider DP (186), Stockli Stormrider XL (174), Volant Machete Sin (165 & 175), Volant Machete Soul (165), Volant Machete FB (175), Volkl Supersport 5-Star (175)
- note that I'm not listing my Elans since I haven't ridden them yet!

In general I prefer skis that are stiffer and damper. I like a ski that takes direction from the pilot, but then gets you where you want to be without requiring a lot of input. I find skis billed as "light and lively" generally require input every step of the way (if that makes any sense) and tend to feel "nervous" to me.

Skis are listed in order tested. Dimensions were not recorded, since they are readily available.

Ski: Elan M777 (176cm)
Comments: I started my day and ended my day on these skis. When I was lazy and not warmed up these skis were running away on me and I found myself in the back seat (it's a big beefy ski). So I'm glad I decided to run them again at the end of the day. They actually came around into turns very nicely for a 22m radius ski. They provide plenty of float for the soft stuff and are hardly deflected in the chop. This is a ski that doesn't feel heavy or overly damp, but at the same time is very stable with good energy. I believe that for such a wide ski it would probably hold well on harder stuff, but the tune on this ski (and all of the Elans) was questionable. The Elan guys just weren't caring for the skis and even though I was the first skier on these for the day they didn't have a fresh tune on them. Overall I could see myself using these skis quite a lot if the snow keeps up this season in Colorado. I will buy these.
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My goodness. Topics come and go so quickly around here. Bump for any of you M777 evangelists to weigh in.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
So how come a ski with a 87 mm waist is called a M-777? :

I wouldn't be afraid of the 184's, they do ski a little short. With the softer tip and fairly forward mount, they can kind give you the over-the-bars feeling in chopped up snow at speed.
Higher speed, bigger turns, open terrain - 184 / Tight trees, narrow chutes - 176.
Just one mans opinion, but I have skied them in a 176 (hated 'em, but I'm 6'2 & 190#'s), 184 (everyday ski, most versatile) & 192 (fun, but too much for me in tight places).
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Thanks Jeff, good stuff. I went to the Elan web site and plugged in the applicable variables (terrain/ability/speed/height) for their "Ski Selector" and the result was a 184 recommendation as well.
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I had the 184's, they do ski short, probably like a 178-180. Didn't have a problem getting them around in tigher spaces.
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I picked up a pair of 2004/2005 184cm this labor day. I have not skied
them yet as the snow is limited here in Tahoe. They actually measure
117/85/107 FYI. My local shop has this year's ski and it is definately
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