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A Jet Fuel rant...

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They rip- I don't.
Me; 5'9" 170 30yo x-instructor, x-patroller, x-ifsa hack.
boots= falcon 10

conditions: one day old snow, semi-firm groomers, ankle-deep crud, pow runs to be found.
I finally got the coverage out here to feel comfortable taking them out. I was fortunate to score one of the three pair of 186's in Japan this season. Many people are going shorter, as you can, but I'm glad I went longer. Heck, many on this forum would probably call it too long for me right off the bat. (you know who you are you little metron men)

Anyway, the first half of the day, they skied me. I usually ski my 183gotama/fritche as the snow is pretty much always soft around these parts. Nonetheless, I wanted a more resort friendly ski and I am so happy with it.

LIke I said, they skied me for a while. Then once I got my courage up to actually go more than 20 mph, they did what you'd expect of a race-construction ski. They held and they whirled. It's actually a very easy ski to ride, once you get over the stiffness. The stiffness (yet a slightly softer tail than my gotama) was a bit intimidating at first, especially as I have early season chicken legs. But once I/they get moving, they are really fun and easy to throw around. The tail can be feathered really easily and the tip doesn't budge. I highly prefer the jetfuels in crud to my gotamas. Many people love the gotama in crud, I don't. It gets thrown around much more than stiffer mid-fats do. And this Jet fuel is scary stable. It being early season, I was scared to open 'em up in the crud fields, and once I did, I got even more scared at how I couldn't feel the bumps or the jostles. It was completely calm and at home in the crud at 40 mph. You volkl G4/41/40/explosive guys will love it. very comparable to a more damper/faster/turnier/livlier G41.

they also arced the cord. Honestly, this ski was silky smooth laying trenches on the groomers. finally, groomers=carving again. (the gotama/fritche is not a mad carver imo)

The binding (my din- 14) is heavy and makes the two sheets of metal in the ski feel heavy too. But they stay glued to the ground and I never noticed them feeling heavy on the chair.

fresh knee deep? they ski it, they're not dogs like stiffer/narrower skis can be, but they're not pow skis either. They do carve pow turns though, vs. feathering the tails of modern/no-sidecut fat skis, so that's fun again. My Jet fuels make the same pow turns as my gotama but they are carved, vs scarved and of course they don't float as well (which is fine in denser windpack--- not a 4% waist deep snow ski, which is probably the only time I will continue to take out my gotamas.)

not a bad word to say, they're solid and will be loved by volkl/atomic/dynastar guys who like sidecut that arcs and quiet tips that go through crud instead of over it.
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They're too long for you.

(someone had to say it!)

Having fun is what it's all about, so you rocked it. Good on ye!
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i went 277 views until you finally broke it!!!
they're too long for me on hard snow, first run, in flat light.
got some vis this weekend and could actually open them up again. they're fun if you can do that... if they can't be opened up, they do scarve just as well.
am I repeating myself?
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Well, "rant" usually means that you don't like something, so I reckon your topic line surprised some people...
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what size did you get?
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Well, "rant" usually means that you don't like something, so I reckon your topic line surprised some people...
Key word being Usually... oh well...
I've been out of the country for so long, my english is going to crap
honestly... You phattie.

I caught myself talking like Yoda the other night when asked by my wife how skiing was today; "Fast it was."
That translates literally into "Hayakata deshita." with the help of Japanese grammar.
yes, Yoda does speak english via japanese grammar. (japenglish)

"The Jet Fuel, fast and strong it is. To ski- learn you must."
"Jet Fuel wa hayai tou tsuyoi desu. Suki koto wa manabu shina kereba naranai."
: : :
four years ago I lived in Chile. thank god my spanish gave up its fight for second place last year. That was torture. I was honestly freudean-slipping three languages for about two years there.
<rant on>
all those who claim to speak 5 languages are full of crap. they may have studied 5, but to maintain the ability to navigate them is down-right treading the likes of Mozart. oh, and they can't ski either... fwiw
<rant off>
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Originally Posted by tromano View Post
what size did you get?
the fine print reads 186
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Originally Posted by samurai View Post
the fine print reads 186
My bad.

Your pros match up with what I thought. I probably would have prefered a longer length than the 170 I tried. I really hate a mushy tail on the shorter ski. Damn raps! How are you going to not bring a selection of lengths to the demo days?!?!
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the tail doesn't feel so mushy in my 186. Just hand-flexing it vs. my gotama I noticed it was mildly softer, which shocked me.
sometimes with soft tails, they hook up and don't allow the pilot to butter-knife them. Not the case with these skis, nor would I actually call them soft tails. They're just not as stiff as the rest of the ski. They really help guide you through the turn though and they also make it easy to immedietly switch from a buttered to a carved turn. That quick switch was yesterday's delightful discovery. No more throwing the skis sideways to get them out of a carve to slow down. They pull out super smoothly and also reset just as smoothly. It's nice having the adjustment be so easy.
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Interesting. A multipurpose ski that rips.

My 208 SGs absolutely hate going sideways. I had to try it one day when visibility was bad (goggles kept icing over), and decided to just switch skis after a couple of runs. Going warp 9 with about 0.1 seconds to react to bumps and obstacles is not a sport for old men like me. I'm eager to find out how versatile my Volants are.
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I'll echo some of your comments. I'm 5'6" and 140 and demoed the 170. Nordica's make-up of their ski line is right up my alley. Strong and damp skiis that have the ability to bust crud and trench on firm snow.

They make my Head I.M. 82's feel noodly and lacking linebacker force. One thing they don't do is bang out short turns effortlessly. They will turn and rail but require a lot more drive than the IM 82's to get around quickly.

The Jet Fuel is in my eyes is for people that drive their skiis, not ride along as a passenger. They don't come into their sweet spot until you get up to speed. Try and bang out short slalom turns at 10 mph in tight trees and you won't be utilizing them in their environment. Add some speed and these skiis come alive and fill you with confidence. They would float over the frozen crud and chunky snow with a much more stability and a more Cadillac ride than the Head IM 82's I have.


They are heavy. Thje binding system and metal in the ski adds up to a heavy feeling ski, not light and quick like the Heads. Make sure this is a bonus for you before you buy. I like the tank feeling these things mimic. Nothing throws them off their trajectory.

As said before they are not easy turning short turn, slow speed skiis. They will bang them out but an effort is required.

Overall I really fell in love with Nordicas line and metal and sandwich construcion seem to add to the dampness and stability. Good stuff.
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9 days evolved; a 4-word update. Tanks on speed-skates.
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40 or so days evolved. Healthy riding habit this season... (knock on wood.)

I've never gone so fast while cranking such tight and quick turns in my life. This ski is obsurd, although it took some tweaking to dial in. I'm now -.5 cm from Marker's indicated line for my sole length. For the first two weeks or so, while at the indicated mark, they felt like they were over-turning, and that 5mm back really changed things for the better. Kind of nice having a 14 din binding that can be tuned-in like that.

anyway, just wanted to follow-up as they deserve the props.
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I got a pair of 170 08 jf as my one ski to ride and teach on here at JH. Sounds like I'm gonna like it. Thanks
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This is one of those skis I refer to as a "race stock free ski"
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
This is one of those skis I refer to as a "race stock free ski"
ya jr racer race stock freeski.

but they do rip
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I just opened my season today with it on a crud day and I'm glad I didn't bring my gotama/fritsche.

I'm pretty strong coming into the season this year, but this ski is nuts. It's not my deep snow ski, but... for-crying-out-loud...
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I've been skiing on mine for the last few days. I love them. So much power.
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Well since someone else opened up the topic I figured I'd add my experience. I'm 180lbs 6ft, 24 years old and was used to race stock skis. I picked up the 178cm. I was a little worried that getting off race skis would be a huge let down, but after a few hard pack (and ice) days at tremblant, and a knee deep day at Jay (got to beyond beaver pond before most) I am really happy. They don't seem to ski as fast as race skiis, maybe because of the cut, but in terms of stability and edge hold they are awesome. My old GS boards are always going to win in the race coarse, but so far I am having much more fun on my JetFuels. I highly doubt I'll touch the GS boards this season. My only drawback thus far is that they seem to ski a little slower, and they don't give as much acceleration back, but the advantages out weigh the drawbacks at this point.
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glad to have you aboard.

they are slower than gs race skis, (two genres) but it's amazing that the edge hold is still there, isn't it? That hold dumbfounds me.
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I also found that they don't dig as much, so when it's not full on hard pack, or light groomed powder I can still make nice carved arcs as opposed to having to try and make the race skiis cut through the soft stuff to get to the ice and then turn. On the whole more versatile.
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So far I've been skiing on ice, packed powder, loose crud, icy crud, soft bumps, and partially refrozen bumps. I like the ski on all of it. Now all I got to do is hit some rocks and get it over with.
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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post
Now all I got to do is hit some rocks and get it over with.
Not with the snow you've been getting, eh? :
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We have pretty good depth up high and not to much down low. A lot of stroms have come in as rain at the lower elevations. The gondola and thunder are opening tommorow. I will miss it because I'm doing OEC recertification. I still haven't hit any rocks.
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Well, I guess the silver lining is that the snow makes for a better base? Keep 'em on the snow, eh?
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