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Bindings for Mantras

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My little brother and I are each buying some Mantras within the next couple weeks. I am planning on putting look/rossi bindings on them. Should I get the 80 mm brakes and bend it or should I go with the wide 100 mm brakes? I dont want them sticking too far out on the sides of the skis.

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Go with the 100mm brakes. They won't bother you at all.
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100 mm. Look at how brakes work. They don't just pivot up when you step in, they also retract toward the center. A 100 mm brake is fully onboard the ski when you are clamped in, and only extends over the edge of the ski when you release.
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of course you could always get some Solly S912s/914s from last season with a 95 brake...

needless to say, I have Marker Pistons on my Mantras. I believe the brakes they used were 95, as well.
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I guess my concern comes from a pair of sugar daddys in which the brakes stuck way out (they had a metal bar that would not let them retract back towards the ski, they only went up and down). Every once in a while I would get one hung up on top of the other other one. It wasn't a good feeling especially when going fast. I looked at other ski/binding set ups and they all seemed to not stick out nearly as far. That was the only thing I did not like about that ski/binding. I don't want to have that problem again. I had a couple people look at them and they thought it was a strange set up. As far as I could tell they were the standard cr 4-12 bindings.
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Also I have always had Marker bindings but based on what I have read here I would like to give the look/rossi's a try. I don't know much about their line up . What is the difference between the px12 and the px12 ti? Same goes for the scratch and scratch pro ti. It also looks like there is no difference between this and last years model. Is this correct?
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Any opnions on weather to use the lifter bindings on these? What would I gain or loose?
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Personally, I don't like lifters on any kind of wide-waisted ski and I don't like Markers on any ski.
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The difference between the px 12 and the px12 ti is that there is titanium in the heel piece of the 12ti. It is lighter and a bit more durable. Don't go with lifters on a wide.
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