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Strange problem (ENDO on skis)

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I'm trying to self diagnose but can't come up with an answer

Here goes
I went out for the first day this season, did drills for about 3 hours or so on packed powder turning a little slushy later on but nothing challenging.
Drills I did:
Falling leaves (pivot slips)
1000 steps
Picking up inside ski tail (forget if they're called javelins)

I've been getting a little better at the upper/lower body separation last season and wanted to start working on that today. While doing short-medium radius turns I twice ended up falling over my outside ski. The point at which this happened was during transition (i.e. my skis were travelling across the fall line and my poleplant had just occured while my hips/shoulders were facing straight down the fall line). My boots/bindings have been aligned/I have footbeds and equipment is not to blame here (99% sure). It's technique and it sucked to do an 'ENDO' type move TWICE!....

anyone wanna take a whack at this? Overcounter maybe?
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anyone wanna take a whack at this? Overcounter maybe?
Sounds like it. You don't really need to keep your hips facing down the hill, let them follow the direction the skis are traveling a little more. They should be at about a 45 deg angle max to the fall line. This will allow you to stay more over your ski and not let the hip fall behind so the tail of the ski is washing. Once the ski is moving more along it's length at the transition, you can change edges without fear of the outside edge catching and dumping you.
Javelin turns are more to learn to ski into a countered position. There is only so much movement that is available and it must be utilized troughout the turn. On right turns, right sholder, pects, rib cage, hip and quad, but not foot progressivle more right. This is very different from the left side twisting left. That will get you into big trouble as you know.

Hope this helps. Another tip, first day or even second day out, work on flat ski , pivity, smeary exercises like the pivot slips.

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Very difficult to analyze without seeing it, so I am just shooting an idea. You might have skied into your pole while it was planted. I have done that and ended up being abruptly pitched kind of forward and downhill.
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Tough to try to guess the cause. Are you doing the 1000 steps for the full run, then another run, then another run slightly more difficult? You want to repeat this so many times that you forget about balancing and just let your body balance itself automatically. I don't see much value in the shuffle if a skier can do the steps...giant steps, baby steps, all the steps. Javelin turns are where you hold the inside ski in the air slightly crossing above the outside ski. Lifting the inside ski tail and pulling that foot back under the hips is great for keeping your weight forward.

Try tuck turns. On a gentle slope, get into a good tuck and turn just by rotating the body the opposite direction of the way you want to turn. With your hands in front of you, together, and holding the pole grips, swing your hands way to the right side to turn left, etc. You will feel how countering your body this way puts your skis on edge so they turn you, not you turning the skis.

Look at Chris Braisby's THE SKI COACH page and consider buying this gadget. It works. It helps cure the bad habit of leaning toward the hill. This is one way to learn angulation, which is also necessary for being able to best tilt the skis to their edge.

And, put it all together so it flows.

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went back today, first day instructor clinics. Worked on the above, felt much better. Conditions were spring slush/ very bumpy and I surprised myslelf with the amount of control I had compared to last season in the same type of conditions (off season balance work really does work). Had some L2's and L3's MA me and correct the square hips problem and yay, no Endos on the skis today!!!
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