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PowderHound Inn at Sugarbush

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We would like to stay ther for 3-4 nights around New Year and ski Mad River and Sugarbush.
Does anybody know this place?
Thank You.
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I have stayed at the Powderhound and it is OK. I thought it was expensive for what was provided. Over New Year's you will pay a premium where ever you go.
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Nice place, I stayed in a nice condo there.  The plumbing leaves something to be desired, but all in all I was very happy. Needless to say, pipes froze, no shower, sink, or toilet water. 


Location is at the end of the access road for sugarbush, so take that as you will.  Approx 10 min drive to mountain.  Lots of restaurants up the mountain. 


Cellphone service didnt work at the condo or at the mountain, so bring some quarters or stay out of contact with the world

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