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Powder Mountain/Snowbasin - where to sleep?

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Where is a good place to stay at the Powder Mountain/Snowbasin area? Am I better off slopeside at Powder Mountain? Or am I as well off in Eden or Ogden, taking a shuttle to either mountain. Any favorites?
PS will I love Powder Mountain as much as Snowbird? Is it true they DON'T GROOM?
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>PS will I love Powder Mountain as much as Snowbird?
not if you like true top to bottom steep skiing

>Is it true they DON'T GROOM?
not whatsoever, they have groomed intermediate named runs, but there is plenty they don't groom and if you hit it after storm there will be plenty of snow to ski.
>Or am I as well off in Eden or Ogden, taking a shuttle to either mountain.
are you sure they have such a thing?
>Any favorites?
in general i prefer snowbasin, faster lifts, more interesting, overall stepper verticle, much nicer facilities, two gondolas to whisk you up quick compared to dead slow, long Pow mtn lifts. But if you like powder skiing and hit it after a storm, all the snow around would make up for that.
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Thanks Snowbird. This is my 2nd trip to Utah. Last year we split the week between Snowbird, Alta, Canyons and Deer Valley. Overall, Snowbird was our favorite. We thought we would try Snowbasin and Pow to get away from the crowds. Do you think pretty good skiers would get a little bored in this canyon after 4-5 days?
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personally, only Snowbird has enough of my terrain to keep me totally interested for more than one day of a trip, esp with all the other great resorts right around the corner. I would only be interested in skiing Snowbasin and Powder Mtn one day each, although endless powder and great snow could change that. Neither are worth the trip yet, without a couple more feet of snow(from reports i got while in SLC this weekend). But, some are satisfied in skiing the same runs, I like each trip down the hill to be different and different atmosphere/adventure each day.
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Thanks, Snowbird. This forum has been a great help. I am not going until March, but I want to make my reservations now. I think we will stay in the other canyons, and make a day trip to Powder Mountain or Snowbasin to check it out. Snowbird has a good deal for American Express holders. Do you have a favorite place to stay in the canyons?
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stewball - a word of warning! I have nothing against Powder Mtn, but last year I skied it last Saturday in Febuary. At that time of the year, already the sun is getting higher in the sky. It hadn't snowed for about 5 days and we skied it in typical temperatures, 20's??, but turns out much of it was slop and crud. The bus runs and Powder Country were a "joke" because of the snow conditions, much of that part faces south and was frozen death in the am and slushy crud(from snow 5 days prior). Even the regular part of the mtn was not in good shape because of the low angle much of the mtn has. We skied the next day in the cottonwoods and the snow was just fine!
I would not plan spending a "trip" at PowMtn in March, but would pick my days. In March orientation of mtn is everything to keep the snow in good shape between storms and to me good snow is everything!!!, that's what makes it fun.
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There is some limited lodging right on Powder mountain, Your better option is just down the road at the Wolf Creek Golf Resort They have lots of Condos and Time Shares for rent,, In Eden There is also the red Moose Lodge There are also a couple of B and Bs right in Huntsville, You may want to contact the Ogden Valley chamber of commerce for a list of local places to stay. Staying right in Ogden would be my first choice. There are a lot of possitive changes happening here. Give it a couple of years and Ogden could be a really cool place to hang out with a short 20 min drive to get to the skiing.
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Thanks both of you for the insight. I think I'll nail down my airfare and wing it for lodging. The early flights fill up fast, but it seems you can always find a place to hang your goggles at night.
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Wow, very timely post since I just bought tickets to SLC for the family and was also thinking of concentrating on PowMow and Snowbasin for a change and was looking for a good deal on a 2BR condo in the area.

I'm a big fan of Alta and the Bird but we'll be skiing 5 or 6 days starting in the middle of President's week through the weekend, so I thought we'd have a better chance of finding powder among the lesser crowds to the north. PowMow sounded very intriguing but maybe late feb is not the right time for their lower elevation and angle? Probably much safer around late January?

Sounds like we'd be better off staying nearer to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons with a possible 1 day trip to Snowbasin.

Only thing is we were looking for: great snow + not too crowded + fairly reasonable lodging with a nice "skiing atmosphere" (for my wife's first Utah trip) - which sort of rules out the Sandy area, which IMO, has very little "atmosphere."

Park City has a great atmosphere, but the mountains there are not terribly exciting (my 2 teens are excellent skiers) and the prices are high).

I know, I want it all for nothin! What am I going to do? What a wonderfully terrible situation this is.
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There are no guarantees but typically March is our best snow month around here. The Cottonwood Canyons will be a total Zoo during Pres. weekend and the Ogden Valley will be much quieter. Powder MT. is fun especially with copious amounts of snow. They have added a HS Quad this year as well. I think lodging will be cheaper too. As far as Snowbasin goes just check out the current issues of both Ski and Skiing. They both are letting the cat out of the bag (ouch)!
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