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Helicopter Avy Rescue or Recovery?

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Well, the technology is impressive - the ability to pick up avy beacon signals from a helicopter. However, can it be quick enough for rescue? I would vote probably not unless the copters are already on station. But we are always glad to see technology advance a bit. Nice thing about this is that it probably works with Recco also.

Vid: http://www.lawrencetrotter.com/MiscPIcs/Avystuff2.wmv

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Great for body recovery. Slim chance of a heli getting to the scene in time to be of any help in a rescue, except in the most over-trampled areas (Wasatch). :
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I believe that according to statistics your chances of survival plumment rapidly after 15 min. of burial in an avalanche. In most cases a copter is not going to be able to effectively assist in location and digging unless it is hovering over you when you get lanched. On the other hand, if you are dug out alive the chances of suvival would skyrocket with a heli evacuation as opposed to being drug out through the snow. I think your best chance is still skiing with well skilled and equiped friends, preferably lots of them with big shovels.
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