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Stolen Ski being sold on EBay

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here is an article in yesterdays "Eagle-Tribune" Skis Recovered
Lock 'em or check 'em. split 'em?

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I wonder if it's the mate to the one I saw laying beside HWY 84?
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: : :

They should ake them both work at a ski shop scraping wax from the bases to perfection with nothing but their fingernails.

I dont usually lock my skis on the premise that I trust my fellow skiers and a snowboarder wouldnt want my skis since they wont know what to do with them, but I guess we have to worry about everyone else now too. Needlesss to say I am looking for a good lock.
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You nave a good point, Karsten.

I even managed to get my poles stolen these days. 4 years ago, when I bought them, they were $10. I had a laugh at who would want a ten-buck pair of poles, but then I went to the store down in the valley and saw that poles these days run at $30 min. : : : The only solution is a lock.
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I'm not suprised by this. The FBI has said that On line autions are fast becoming the number one way to move hot Property.
Locally We are getting to the season when a lot of skis start disappearing from the resorts. The Local Police say that the biggest time of year for theft of skis snowboards and just about anything that isn't nailed down is the Spring. A lot of people who came to Town to work the Ski season are getting close to being out of work and they are looking for any means of getting some extra cash. Stealing and then selling skis is one way to get that cash. I see a lot of guest leave thier skis on top thier cars locked in racks all night long. Those racks are vary easy to open. I now use a lock when I have to leave my skis racked at the Base area to use the rest room or get a bite to eat.
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Lets just ratchet up the criminal penalties. Assisted immolation sounds just about right for ski theft. And a broken ski pole enema should do for pole theft.

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I like it. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

It's better than carrying a padlock around (one thing is on a bicycle, when it's the wheels that carry the extra pound, and you can atatch a pouch to the frame - no problem; the other thing on skis, when you have to carry it all on your self) [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Call me crazy but I never leave my ski unattended not even for a second. If I have to go inside, I always have someone look after the skis -- it's usually my brother since we ski together.

I don't know... but if I paid $700 - $1000 for a pair of good skis, I'd feel a little uneasy to know that someone might just walk off with them.

Another thing... when you rent skis and you come back w/o them, the store will charge full price, usually not what the skis were worth.
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Someone managed to take my G4's while I was demoing skis. They left their pair in exchange. Same skis, 10cm longer, with different bindings (same boot size and about the same DIN). I left my phone number with the demo guys, expecting that whoever made the mistake would realize it after one run and return them.

Two weeks later .... I'm still waiting for the call.

Looks like I've now got a pair of G4's, 188 (that's ok, but I already have a pair of 190 Explosivs, so the long ski quiver is a bit overfull), with better bindings, and with much better edges (mine were getting a bit crunched)
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Ski key all the way. Small, cheap(vs. pair of skis) and effective. I NEVER, EVER turn my back on my babies. Some one has got the last key spot on a rack and no lock.....see ya. Mine now. Hotel, piss on them as thier lockers were all full, so I brought them up to our room. They wanted me to leave them in the van.....I could see it now skis gone and a busted window. Minimize the temptation, you can save your self alot of pain down the road.
And for the thieving scum I quote,"hangins to good for him, burnins to good for him, He should be torn into itty bitty pieces and buried alive!!!"
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Smear em' with lambs blood and let a let a few juvinile wolverines have at em'! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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[quote]Originally posted by skieast:
[QB]Someone managed to take my G4's while I was demoing skis. They left their pair in exchange. Same skis, 10cm longer, with different bindings
Looks like I've now got a pair of G4's, 188

Hey skieast, you sure those skis belonged to the thief???? Curious you found them 3 racks away!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] (just kidding)

OK everyone, I hate to give up secrets like this one, but I hate thieves more, so I will let you in on my fail safe method for preventing ski theft...........................Welllllllll, maybe not.
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Splitting skis is merely a false sense of security. Outside the Roundhouse at Whistler at lunch time, where there were hundreds of skis, I saw a single ski. Just out of curiousity, I wondered how long it might take to find its mate. About 20 seconds. Besides, a thief will probably watch the skis owner rack 'em anyhow, and grab both once they go into the building.

Lock 'em or lose 'em.
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I agree w/JRs comment. Several years ago, my sister-in-law and her husband split their skis. Someone took the mismatched pair. They had a hard time (if they ever were able to) getting someone to sell them one of each ski. I think their insurance company wasn't helpful either. They wished that they'd had one pair stolen, as it felt like they ended up w/both stolen!
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I think I have told this before but: When "Ski Watches" first came into being and kids were left there to watch the skis, and no one really checked these kids out before allowing them to man the ski watch, I had a pair of brand new K2's disappear from the Ski Watch at a mountain I was skiing at. It was a relatively local area for me, under an hour from my house.

The next Fall, when we had our ski swap a kid (17 or 18) brought the skis (my skis)in to the swap to sell. I knew they were definately my skis because my initials were carved into the skis in the middle of the sole plates. I called one of the other people over to look at the skis, "for the sake of putting a fair price on them" I said do you think that these initials carved into them, "LJP" will bring down what some one will pay for them. He looked at me and said, "LJP", Hey, those are your initials, these are your skis that were stolen last year. The kid was frozen...then he tried to bolt, but the guy I called over was 6'6" and weighed about 350lbs and he stopped the kid. The police came...that was the most expensive pair of skis that kid ever had.
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Teach... that was the best story I've heard so far (aside the Ebay bust which started this topic). You, my friend, are a better person for keeping your cool. If this happened to me, those skis would have tasted like chocolate all of a sudden… I would have shoved them skis right down his throat, and then asked him how he liked them.

I am sorry… but I hate thieves!!!
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One christmas, I got my wife a new pair, went skiing 12/26. After a few runs we went in to get some HC. came out skis gone. We kept hearing from various points " Where are my skis?".. over 75 pair were stoleb that night. Thank God for Homeoender insurance.

I am glad they caught these rat bastages.
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The Ebay bust story has now offically gone nationwide. Paul Harvey relayed the stolen ski incident on his noon report today. Now the entire nation knows what IDIOTS Henderson and West are. Congrats, boneheads.

Another good case made for spending a buck or 2 at an on-snow skicheck or ski sentry. At Mt. Hood Meadows, we're constantly astounded at the gear people leave lying around. $1000+ worth of top end skis & bindings...but will they cough up a buck to keep ding-dongs like West and Henderson out of their stuff?


I have worked at Meadows for 15 years. You never, ever, ever leave stuff outside your locker...unless you're TRYING to unload it. Outside, it's always a chance...but the better the gear, the higher the risk. Our security squad has caught our share of nitwits this year. Let's be careful out there.
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Best ski theft story I have heard:

A friend who used to patrol at Vail told me about this one. There was a ski theft problem at Mid Vail, where everyone leaves their stuff unlocked because they presume it safe since it is not at the base. The patrol had been trying without success to catch the thief in the act. A skier was in having lunch when through the window he saw a guy grab his skis and hop into a gondola car to download. (The original gondola used to go to Mid Vail.) He quickly reported it to a patroller, but although he could describe what the guy was wearing, he didn't know the number of the cabin he was riding down in. They called the lift operator and asked him to sidetrack the car carrying the the guy in the orange jacket, and just to make sure they sent my friend who raced the gondola to the bottom. When he got there they sidetracked the gondola car and left the guy, who by now was yelling and beating his fists on the windows, locked inside until the Sheriff arrived. The man was arrested and when the cops checked his apartment they found enough stolen skis to start a rental shop. According to my friend, the fellow was ski bumming for a year before starting medical school, but that plan no doubt changed after his felony conviction.
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Maybe these guys had a deal With FOX and are going to appear on
WORLDS DUMBEST CRIMINALS part XXIV. someone should really knock some sense into these kids.

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I got every one of you guys beaten. I take my skis into the bathroom stall with me at the local resort! I trust nobody but myself. But then again, I've been called paranoid more than once.
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Using Stockli skis in the US pretty well guarantees no one will nick them, as most US ski thieves have no idea what they are!
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same here ant...

I'm waiting for some dimwit to flog them at Falls - as most of skischool can ID those bright yellow skis...
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Zacman... I tried that too but they kicked me out. I had to go so badly (my bladder was going to explode!)... but then again the mountain was REALLY BIG!!!

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About 10 years ago I was working on a local ski patrol and we opened up on Christmas evening(closed during Xmas day). One of my fellow patrollers showed up to ski in a full Santa Claus suit. He left his skis on the porch out side the patrol room during the session and came back out to find them stolen! Stealing Santa's skis on Christmas day! That thief will definitely suffer from bad kharma!
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Heres a story with ahappy ending. My sister had been skiing at Park City at the end of the day she was to drive home a bunch of kids rom the ski team. Between rounding up kids and all thier gear she forgot about her own skis a new pair of Volke G3s. The next morning she looked in the back of the Van for her skis. In a flash she relized her mistake. They had been left in the rack unlocked at the Resort. She drove the kids back down and headed to The Resort office to report her skis missing. As she passed the ski rack there they were! Her skis were untouched all night long. She was vary lucky that day.
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