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Too Good to Be True!

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I was just asked to a fitness week in Portillo, in exchange for a one week stay for me and Mark. Because of Mark's crazy business travel, we even have enough miles to get there. August 25th to September 1st!!!!
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A stunning case of good things happening to good people.
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Thanks! I guess I've paid my dues in the past two years!
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Congrats! I'm sure you'll enjoy Portillo.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

Your luggage is on its way!

Ya got yer world travel steez goin on, LM! How Wonderful!! WHEE!!!!!!!!!
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LM, I'm so delighted for you two! What a wonderful opportunity for you.

Now, given your luggage conveyance, might there be a little extra room for me?
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Congrats LM, that's a dream of mine, skiing on my birthday in July.

That plus heliskiing in BC!
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Excellent! You deserve all the good things life can give you!

What's up with the book? I pre-bought through Amazon, but just got notice it's not available. Snafu, or something else?
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you're in the Big Time now!
enjoy :-)
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Congratulations Lisa! I'm sure you're working on getting us all some good deals to get us down there with you, right?
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Well we're flush out of miles at this point, but sometimes there are reasonably good airfares to Santiago. Delta, LAN (an American Airlines partner), and American all fly there with only 1 or two connections from pretty much anywhere in the US.

Also, although Portillo's prices may seem a bit high at first, keep in mind that the price is all-inclusive of 7 days lodging, lift tickets, and meals, and the special fitness and entertainment offerings.
Originally Posted by Portillo website housing page
Prices include seven nights lodging, four meals per day, lift tickets, and free access to all our fitness and entertainment facilities.

They have two lower-cost alternatives to the hotel. The Octagon Lodge holds 4 people so the per-person is less. And they have a ski-dorm facility, the Inca lodge, which is only $600 USD for the week, still including lifts, meals, and event access.
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Good for you, Lisa! I hope Mark's shoulder is healed up in time to carry your bags.
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By the way, LM's book is out, and my copy is in the post!
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Glad to hear that! They changed the official launch date to February 14th.
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